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Wrap it Up
Bring the Vial of Zerum to Mayor Brian.
Given By The Faunted Family
Prerequisites "Observin' Ervin" completed
Level 8
Location Pleasanton
Rewards 130 XP; 130 Fubars
Previous Next
Observin' Ervin Sock it to Me


"Hmm, what's that? That vial looks awfully familiar..."

The Faunteds consider the Vial of Zerum for a moment. Suddenly, the mother has a revelation and says, "Oh! I know what this is! Ervin gave us all vaccines against the virus so we wouldn't become zombies! Wouldn't want us accidentally wandering into the Zello vats, no sirree!"

You hurriedly pop the top of the vial to drink it, but the family stops you. The little girl begs, "Please, you've gotta bring this to the mayor! The whole town needs it!" The father adds, "Brian's actually quite the chemist, he can probably help make more of this. Just don't mention that we sent you. He's probably still sore about the whole 'trying to kill him' thing."


Bring the Vial of Zerum to Mayor Brian.


Reporting to Mayor BrianEdit

Brian listens to your tale with great interest, examining the Zerum as you speak.

"Humans, zombies, Zello, infected beans, poor disguises...this is certainly quite the adventure you've been on. I can in fact reproduce the Zerum for you, but I think we Pleasantonians will quite happily remain undead."

Gah, what?

"We're simple folk. We like our quiet town, we like our beans, but most of all, Undead don't qualify for Elanthian Income Taxes, and we'll take any excuse to anger the ERS," Brian adds, chuckling to himself.

"Anyways, give me a moment and I'll have the formula ready for you."

>>> Give Him a Moment

Sweet Un-undeath!Edit

After much grumbling, guffawing, and chemist-ing, Brian produces a small syringe and, without so much as a "This won't hurt a bit!" he jabs it into your arm.

You immediately feel the warmth return to your skin, and, far more importantly, your skin return to your skin. Finally, the zombie nightmare is over! We had some laughs though, right?

"There you go, good as new! I intend to keep a healthy supply on hand in case any of our citizens change their minds. Should you ever find yourself afflicted with Zombieism again, come see me and I'll fix you right up!"

>>> Leave

Quest CompletionEdit

The Faunted Family

The Faunteds beam at you as you return. "You're looking quite well!" the father says. "And the town is going to stay zombified? Well I suppose our Zello empire can continue!"

"Thanks for all of your help, sorry for, you know, trying to kill you and everything. If you should, for some strange reason, ever want to be a zombie again, come see us. I'm sure we can work something out."

3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui bottom
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar


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