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This is a Breadbasket quest

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
Find Pristine at the Sausage Festival and talk to her about the Phantom.
[[Mystery Meat|150px]]
The Mystery Meat, who can be found in the back of the Sausage Festival, would like you to find Pristine for him. She can be found somewhere in the Festival enjoying the attractions. Once you find her, woo his would-be beefy bride with words of meaty goodness.
Given By Mystery Meat
Prerequisites Compete Flattering Child You Shall Know Me
Location Sausage Tunnel of Love
Rewards Experience, Fubars, Generi-Tickets
Previous Next
Flattering Child You Shall Know Me Past the Point of No Return


  • Find Pristine and talk to her about the Phantom.

She can be found at The Bread Basket > Bacon Acres > Sausage Festival > Prize Shoppe


Mystery MeatEdit

Missing dialogue.

Find Pristine at the Sausage Festival and talk to her about the Phantom.

Return to Mystery Meat Before Finding PristineEdit

I can sense her, child. She is still amongst the festival attractions. You will find her there."

Prize ShoppeEdit

And Though She Turns From Me
As your search for Pristine continues, you eventually spot her near the Prize Shoppe. Before you can get a word in edgewise, she stops you. "You're here on behalf of the Phantom, aren't you? I feel I must tell you...I'm already seeing someone. His name is Stewie D. He's a very caring, romantic piece of steak, and I love him very much. I'm sorry."
Uh oh, how are you going to explain this one to the Phantom?

Return to Mystery MeatEdit

She's...she's seeing someone?! I can't believe this! There's not much time, child. I'm afraid I must call upon you one last time..."



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