Way of the Slack
Visit Jeff LeBruceli.
Jeff lebruceli
Jeff can be found at the Slack Lounge, located at the Liberal Arts Building.
Given By Amma Terraneo
Prerequisites Finish The Secretary Will See You Now, Be a Slackninja
Level Any
Location The Office
Rewards 30 XP, 25 Fubars
Previous Next
The Secretary Will See You Now Last Seen on a Milk Carton


Amma TerraneoEdit

"You really need to meet the Dean of Slackninjas," Amma says, brushing aside a stray calico. "I'm sure he would love to see you!" She smiles pleasantly as the cat on her head looks down at you, it's eyes narrowed.
"You can find Jeff LeBruceli at the Slack Lounge. Tell him you're his new student, and that Amma sent you!"

Visit Jeff LeBruceli.

Jeff LeBruceliEdit

The Dude peers at you as you arrive. "Oh, like, hey. You're the newcomer, huh? That's awesome. Yeah. That's really great."
He stands there a moment, swaying in silence, then blinks, and says, "Whoa. I could swear there was a snail here a moment ago...anyway. Uh, so, there's this thing I kinda need you to do? Could you do that? It'd be totally awesome if you did."

You open your mouth to ask WHAT, exactly, but before you can, he tells you.



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