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Warning: This article may contain quest spoiling information about Turtles in the Half-Well, IE Gutter.

If you don't want to take all the fun out of F.U., we suggest you turn back.
However, if you're ready to rip your hair out, you should probably read on.

Mayor mcqwimby


As you enter his office, the Mayor motions towards a sealed envelope on his counter. Curious, you break the seal on the note and read:
"Worthy Citizen,
The Mayorship has become aware of a sinister band of free thinking radicals that has taken up residence in The Gutters. This sort of self-expression could shake the very foundations of a learning facility like Fantasy University!
Discretion is paramount, as even now agents of evil are listening to every sound I make, watching my every move. Thus, it falls to you to investigate this dire threat to our authority. Be our eyes, and document every artist you see. We've got to keep this in its shell!"
> 'Verify' the existence of the various Turtles in the Gutter.


Name: Turtles in the Half-Well, IE Gutter
Given By: Mayor McQwimby
Summary: 'Verify' the existence of the various Turtles in the Gutter.
Description: Visit the Gutter in Townshire, and kill at least one of each type of Turtle on your list.

'Verify' Postmodern Turtle
'Verify' Impressionist Turtle
'Verify' Cubist Turtle
'Verify' Surreal Turtle
'Verify' Avant Garde Turtle


"I knew you'd serve us well, heroic citizen! Any such conspiracy to undermine the authority of this office was doomed to fail the moment you walked through our door. We certainly don't want another political soon..."
As the Mayor starts muttering about assassination attempts and political scandals, you can make out what appears to be a sack of fubars on a table next to you.

Experience: 70

Fubars: 60

You receive 2x Health-eclair!


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