This encounter will only occur during the initial battles at the Noodly Grove or Jumbo Juicer, before it is possible to see the specific sub-locations.

Quest informationEdit



Option 1- Finish this the old fashion way | Option 2- Cautiously remove the restraints


Level 6 Rewards * 24 XP * 19 Fubars Banana Phone Peal; Manual: Flawed Mighty Squirrel scroll


Option 1Edit

Just restarts the fight with Bananibal Lector giving him full life

Option 2Edit

Lecter Freed!
As you slip off the last restraint, Lecter slowly begins to laugh, a laugh that seems to steal away the warmth of your blood and darken the very world around you.
"While I'd love to stay and chat," he says, "I simply must get back to my work. I promised you a reward, and you shall have it." He tosses you a strange banana-shaped device, it's surely dark purpose you can only guess at.
With surprisng speed, he closes the gap between you and whispers menacingly, "I do hope our paths cross again..."
He slips away.
"Ta for now."
After freeing him, in all future encounters with fruit warriors, they will have a bite taken out of them. This may indicate they are weakened in some way.
In addition, after finishing the Break Basket series of quests, a phone call will be received that triggers the "Hello Clarice" achievement.


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