Voracious dustbunny
A mini-quest found in the Boiler Pit, To Dust or Not to Dust, which is a part of the quest to get the boiler temperature valve working again involves encountering a dust bunny. The player is given the following:

Deep in the bowels of the Boiler Put, you come across a dusty dust bunny sitting quietly in a corner. Its big, shiny eyes gleam at you wetly from beneath the many layers of dust that cover it.

It looks so cute. Maybe it's just...lost.

Or maybe that's exactly what it wants you to think. It is a dust bunny, after all.

The player is then given the choice to clean the little guy off, or to clean up the dust bunny's act WITH VIOLENCE.

On cleaning the dust bunny off,Edit

You do your best to dust off the bunny, but to little avail. By the time you finish, all you have left is a pile of dust and a pair of googly eyes... ...but what's this?! Something shiny among the dust! Score!

and you receive a pair of googly eyes, the boiler valve, and some bunny-dust.


You fight the level 5 critter (150-200 hp) and win the Boiler Valve, 17 exp and 14 fubar


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