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They Ate the Bits
Fight the sprites in the Shag Pile and take 8 bits.
Alan bushwell
Old Al's Castle
Given By Alan Bushwell
Level >12
Location Peso Arcade Back Room
Rewards 190 XP; 200 Fubars
Previous Next
Parting with the Cartridge Getting Down to Bitness


"Now that we have this blank prototype cartridge, we'll need to give it some storage capacity. Then we can set about capturing the runaway game characters. When all hell broke loose in the Arcade, many of the more common sprites from the games zipped out and got tangled up in the Shag Pile over there. Those suckers have the storage we need!"
Al gives his beard a knowing scratch. "Now, like all the best games in the world, we only need 8 bits. Just be careful. That shag rug hasn't been vacuumed since The Headmaster wore sideburns; there's no telling what's living in there now!"

Fight the sprites!



During QuestEdit

Do you have the bits? Well, yes or no?

Quest CompleteEdit

"Well done. Well done, indeed. Now it's a delicate process to set this up. If we add the bits too fast, they'll become a byte, and the old girl doesn't like it when I byte too hard!"

You shoot Al a smug look, but it only causes his beard to bristle with contempt. "You know what I meant!"

Recovering from his unintentional innuendo, old Al takes the bits and begins dropping them one by one into a slot at the bottom of the cartridge. He then shakes the cartridge liberally and, seeming satisfied with the rattle, nods at you. "Alright, now let's get to work."


190 XP, 190-200 Fubars


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