The Sweat-Drenched Wanderer
Sweat drenched wanderer
The Sweat-Drenched Wanderer
Given By {{{giver}}}
Prerequisites Adventuring in the Diabolic Dungeon or the Boiler Pit
Location Diabolic Dungeon, Boiler Pit
Rewards SPF 666

This is a random encounter in the Diabolic Dungeon > Boiler Pit (Hot)

Quest TextEdit

While exploring the Diabolic Dungeon, you come across a familiar-looking fellow adorned in some serious beach gear. "Gnarly waves today, right dude?" Umm, no? You're pretty sure you're actually in an underground industrial complex on the campus of a school. If there are "gnarly waves" anywhere near here, you don't want anything to do with them. "Hey man, don't judge. I'm about to do some killer shreddin', I was hoping you could help me with this sunblock. I've got this really sensitive spot on my back that I just cannot reach. Whaddya say dude?"

Beat him over the head with his own surfboard!Edit

You stare blankly at the Wanderer, if only for a second, before snatching his surfboard right out of his calcium-rich fingers. You senselessly beat him into submission, causing the sunblock he held to drop from his other hand. You pick it up and pocket it (who knows when it might come in handy), then you toss the skeleton man's board to the floor with disgust. Gnarly waves indeed, broseph.

Politely agree to rub sunblock on his hard-to-reach shoulder bonesEdit


You reluctantly agree to this student-on-skeleton rubdown. As you get down to business, though, your hand slips on the surprisingly smooth complexion of the Wanderer's skin. Your palm smacks right into the skeleton man's shoulder blade, and that's when you hear the CRAAaaaAAAaaCK!! This can't be good.

"What...what was that noise?" The Wanderer stammers. "Did you really just break my shoulder? Seriously?! Oh Hell Naw dude." The Wanderer, enraged, leaps at you to attack!


Click through the Duuuuuuuuuude and defeat him.


  • Experience: 23 for rubbing sunblock and 23 for defeating him
  • Fubars: 21
  • SPF 666

Quick PickEdit

TDLR version- Pick to apply sunscreen everytime


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