Return to Amma and give her the Skull.
Given By The Detentionkeeper
Prerequisites Little Boy Lost Completed
Level 4-5
Location Detention Dungeon
Rewards 20 XP; 20 Fubars
Previous Next
Little Boy Lost Oh Boy, Oh Boiler Room!

The Skull and the Secretary


  • Return to Amma and see what she thinks of your new...friend.


The DungeonkeeperEdit

"Amma will want...that." The Detentionkeeper nods at the Chatty Skull. "File report." He pauses, thinking. "Create vital bureaucratic paper trail."
He nods to himself. "Paper...good."

Talk to Amma

Returning to The DungeonkeeperEdit

The Detentionkeeper regards you with fleeting amusement. "Do Detentionkeeper look like someone who like kitties?" He pauses, thinking about that. "Except at breakfast."

Amma TerraneoEdit

Amma stares at the skull, then at you, then at the skull. Which like most things you've met that shouldn't, starts to talk. Amma looks at you and shrugs. "Well, I've seen worse. Why don't you keep him for now? It's possible we can do...something...about him. Later."
You want to protest that this isn't your fault, you only found him, you didn't kill him, when she says, "Oh, and there's more for us to do!"
"Hurray!" the skull says cheerfully.
3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui bottom
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar



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