The Secretary Will See You Now
Talk to Amma
Mac Steamy
Given By Dr. Mac Steamy
Prerequisites Finish Physician's Staff of Life
Level Any
Location Nurse's Office
Rewards 35 XP, 30 Fubars
Previous Next
Physician's Staff of Life Meeting the Dean of your class


Dr. Mac SteamyEdit

You're snapped out of your stupor, quite literally, by the Doctor snapping his fingers in your face.
"See? That wasn't so bad, was it? You're a good sport. Now that you're all immunized, head back to our dear secretary Terraneo."
"Oh, and don't forget that if you ever need heals and don't want to go to your dorm, you can always come back here and see the Nurse, for a small fee of course!" He gestures towards the...something...behind the nurse's counter.

Talk to Amma'


"Got your shot, did you?" Amma asks. "Did you get a lollipop, too"
You didn't, now that you think about it. Damn.
"Never you mind!" Amma chirps, no doubt picking up on your hard candy angst. "I have something new for you to do!"



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