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Public transportation cat


Townshire > To Sewers > Lol Catacombs > The Pentacat

Public Transportation CatEdit

During Elton on TourEdit

"You're after the cat, aren't you?
"Indeed, the cat! Little Elton, so far from home. But where could he be?" You give Transportation Cat a stern glare. "He's here, Dodgebrawler, he's here! Elton is here! And I shall teach you how to find him.
"Within this magical litterbox lies the Pentacat, an ancient mosaic depicting a kitten of legend. The mosaic has been broken up into five pieces, you see. One remains inset within the Pentacat; the other four hidden among the landscape of Elanthia.
One resides nearby in the Catacombs themselves. Another stews among the garbage of the masses. Another still remains frozen under the University campus. Finally, the last piece sits in plain view, guarded by an unassuming ogre.
"Find the pieces, <name>, assemble the Pentacat, then inlay the symbol of Elton into the socket. A pull of the lever and Poof! The one you seek will appear."

After Elton on TourEdit

"Tee hee, ho hum! From where does the <class> return from? "You may have saved your friend Elton, but secrets still remain within the mysterious Pentacat. Perhaps one day these secrets will be revealed. For now, though, I'm afraid the Pentacat shall remain quite. Useless. What a shame."
>> Check out the Pentacat anyway

Related QuestsEdit


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