League Of Pie

The League Of Pie is a small guild that has been around for a few months. It was started by graycat1234. The only requirments for joining are be active and dont be a guild vault theif. This wiki page is the progress of being made.


Kongregate Name In Game Name Rank Class In Game Gender Level
graycat1234 Bob Bopeb Leader Slackninja Male 16
greywolf25 Ruby Loco Officer Emomancer Female 16
cutgodofwar cutgodofwar Officer Slackninja Male 3
Wilddew Blaze Lancet Officer Slackninja Male 5
Varreola Varreola Member Emomancer Male 13
thelittlehobbit becky baggins Member Cheermonger Female 10
Becky Diaz Mouse Larin Member Emomancer Female 10
sortedxd Catabarb Member Dodgebrawler Male 16
harpeye harpeye Member Emomancer Male 13
pikuchu530 pikuchu530 Vasquez Member Slackninja Female 7
Jessie Doby JD Jackson Member Mathemagician Female 12
Ajax Strongpants Member Cheermonger Male 8


Guild VaultEdit

  • If you are going to take something from the GV (Guild Vault) put something useful in (like buyable or hard to obtain armor, senior combination pieces, pet pieces, healing items, etc.)
  • If your going to take pieces of pets then only take like two or three until you have something valuable in return.


  • Be nice. Please report to your leader or one of the officers if one of your fellow members is insulting you in certain way and wont stop. Too many complaints on one person and they will be punished.

Guild RaidsEdit

  • Please don't complain about not going on raids. Unfortunately we are not ready for them yet.


  • All newly joined people will be brought up to member status.
  • Guild officers are good friends of the leader. Perhaps there will be more officers later?
  • People may be demoted as a punishment. I hope you follow the rules so this won't happen.


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