Take it Day By Day (Daily)
Using the E.A.T.E.M.T., sedate 7 more altered animals and retrieve their train parts for Melanie.
E a t e m t
Curiously Quiet Thicket
Given By Melanie Hugglepup
Prerequisites Melanie Hugglepup's introduction quests
Location E.A.T.E.M.
Rewards 3x Rust-Away, 345 fubars

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Fly Me to the MoongrassEdit

“Hello again <name>! You’re just in time, we just used up our last blade of Moongrass and could use some more! Bring me 10 more bundles and we can get back to doing E.A.T.E.M. proud!”


Moongrass can be found at the Crop Circles in Bread Basket; defeating at least 10 creatures should do the trick. If you already have sufficient Moongrass on hand, you can continue the quest dialogue.

Fly Me to the MoongrassEdit

Give Melanie 10 Moongrass!

“Fantastic! Let’s get started!”

E.A.T.E.M.T. Me!Edit

Melanie hugs you, at least you hope it’s a hug, because it feels like she could snap you like a twig if she felt like it. She then disappears for a moment before reappearing and producing another E.A.T.E.M.T. syringe.

“Here’s another batch for you! Now head out there and save some more cute cuddly critters!”

You received E.A.T.E.M.T.


Collect 7 Train Parts for Melanie.


Adventure in the Curiously Quiet Thicket in the Jungle. Each time you encounter a cyborg animal, use the E.A.T.E.M.T. under Activatable items. The combat round will end and you will receive a Train Part. Repeat this for another 6 times until you obtain 7 Train Parts in total. (Try not to get too caught up in your battles and forget to inject the animals)


You stick the E.A.T.E.M.T. into the critter, who immediately falls peacefully asleep. You use the opportunity to remove its strange components!

Melanie HugglepupEdit

“Yes! Precious wildlife, once again pure and whole thanks to you! E.A.T.E.M. is in your debt. Take this!”

You receive 3x Rust-Away!

You lost E.A.T.E.M.T.!

Melanie is tickling various woodland creatures, as she has been known to do.

“You’ve done enough for E.A.T.E.M.’s cause for today, <name>! Come back tomorrow for more fuzzy wuzzies!”


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