Journal quest stamp breadbasket

This is a Bread Basket quest

Stranger Than You Dreamt It
Bring Mystery Meat a Rabbit Rib, an Intricately Folded Note, and a String of Yarn
[[Mystery Meat|150px]]
Given By Mystery Meat
Prerequisites Compete All I Ask of You
Level Any
Location Sausage Tunnel of Love
Rewards 45 Experience, 35 Fubars
Previous Next
All I Ask of You Flattering Child You Shall Know Me


  • Collect a Rabbit Rib (the less-than-adorable Killer Dust Rabbits in the F.U. Boiler Pit probably have a spare rib or two.)
  • Collect an Intricately Folded Note (The students at Pleasanton High are often passing these notes to each other.)
  • Collect a String of Yarn (Yarn is something the Lolcats of the Catacombs are sure to have a surplus of.)


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