Stone giant
All Lanes Closed Ahead

What's this?! Some sort of mountain is blocking your way to umm, to wherever this road leads! No wait, it's not a mountain, it's a man! Some sort of man stone hybrid, perhaps?

"It's the Stone Giant," a fellow student blurts out to you. It's only then that you realize a crowd has formed around the summit of Mt. Man here. "This is the only road to Townshire, the closest town to campus. We all have cool, college kid'esque things we want to do over there, but until someone can get rid of the Stone Giant, we're all pretty much trapped."

Well gee, someone should really get on that.


Fantasy University > Stone Giant

Related QuestsEdit


After you talk to Prof. Jamie Savage Adam, and prepare the Fizzy Soda Bomb, you may have to defeat some of the following monsters :

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Image Name Level HP (min-max) Special/Notes Edit
Maddening goat 1 Maddening Goat 4


Deals PHYSICAL damage with basic attacks.
Maddening goat 2 Maddening Goat 4


Deals PHYSICAL damage with basic attacks.
Maddening goat 3 Maddening Goat 4 103-146 Deals PHYSICAL damage with basic attacks.


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