Do you dare ride the lightning?!
Static-o-meter animation 1
Given By Warden Cliff
Level Level 10-20 [optional]
Location Warden Cliff's Tower
Rewards Static Charge effect

Warden CliffEdit

"I'VE DONE IT!" Warden Cliff cries as you approach the top of his tower. "<name>, I've finally done it, finally invented something that works!"

He gestures wildly behind him to a large, ominous looking machine stretching up into the sky.

"The Static-o-Meter! It's ready for testing, I just need something with enough static potential to generate a proper charge! Could you help out an old inventor with a dream?"

To the Static-o-Meter!

Feed the Static-o-Meter!Edit

The Static-o-Meter looms over you, with a blinking green arrow pointing at what you can only assume is the...uh...Static Receptacle? That sounds sufficiently science-y.

Do you dare ride the lightning?!

Deposit a static-producing item!


Science in our everyday lives!

  • Bedbug Lint
  • Fancy Striped Sweater
  • Gym Sock
  • Hairball Legwarmer
  • Leather Strips
  • One Sock (obtainable from fish in a Barrel)
  • Parade Balloon (if you've completed the Sausage Festival)
  • Ratty Sheets
  • Soft Corinthian Leather
  • Suspicious Rug
  • Sweaty Sweatpants
  • Tatters
  • Torn Garments
  • Unlucky Rabbit's Foot


You've been Statically Charged!

You deposit your static offering into the Static-o-Meter,which immediately begins whirring. Whires, of course, being the universally accepted scientific sound of "processing crap."

Suddenly, the machine explodes with electricity, blasting you backwards!

"GREAT SCOTT!!!" you hear the Warden exclaim. When your head stops swimming, you feel...funny. You can't quite put your finger on. Honestly, I'd be wary of putting your finger on anything after that shock.


You will be Statically Charged for 3 Adventures (see The Cable Car). So Basically This is in my opinion an Optional Quest.

Note: The buffs do not stack up i.e. 2 static charges do not give you 6 adventures worth of buff


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