St atham charging by crankmas tree
St. Atham is the NPC responsible for the Crankmas event. You can meet St. Atham initially on December 18, when going to Fantasy University, or alternately by going to the Crankmas tree, where he will ignore you, and shoot wildly until you meet him properly.

On meeting him

While walking about the campus, a loud commotion draws you to the Nurse's Office, where you come across a most unusual scene: a bald, muscular man with a present under one arm is pointing a gun at one of the male nurses.

"I don't have all day, you miserable @#$%!" he roars. "Now are you going to JUICE ME, or am I going to deck the halls with the inside of your head?" The nurse, shaking, reaches for what appears to be a defibrillator but apparently not fast enough for the man. "Bloody hell. I'll do it myself!" he shouts, dropping both the gun and the present on the floor With a swift kick to the face, he knocks the nurse unconscious and presses the paddles against his chest. "CLEAR!" he screams as he headbutts the machine's control panel.

You watch in amazement as electricity courses through this man's body before he's literally blown off his feet. Within a second, however, he's back up, and retrieves his gun and the present. "I believe this is for you," he calls, tossing you the present. "Merry Crankmas, you @#$%!" With that, he sprints towards the nearest window and dives headfirst out.

You are then given a Christmas Shank, which is a candy-cane with a sharpened end, and have begun the Crankmas event.


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