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Journal quest stamp fu

This is a FU quest

Spongeblob Deadpants
Kill 2 Spongeblobs on the No. 2 Deck!
Captain willy-jack
Mad Captain Willy Jack, the Silly Sod of Scissor Street! He'll cut your hair, he'll raid your ship, he'll cook you something good to eat!
Given By Mad Willy Jack
Prerequisites finish There's a Cream for That
Level 2
Location Rickety Docks
Rewards 30 XP, 25 Fubars
Previous Next
There's a Cream for That Seek the Secretary!

Before QuestEdit

"With those Krabs out of the way and that nasty rash gone, there's only one thing left between me and full control of that...erm...MY ship!"
Jack beckons you close and lowers his voice to a whisper.
"There be foul creatures afoot, <name>. Creatures that haunt the dreams of parents the world over.
"I speak, of course...of Spongeblobs."
With a flourish that nearly topples him, Jack gestures towards the rear of the Deckjoke. "There, on the No. 2 Deck! Defeat them for your ol' pal Jack!"

Kill 2 Spongeblobs on the No. 2 Deck!

Got it!

During QuestEdit

Jack is lying face down on the docks, seemingly oblivious to your approach. "Yo ho, yo ho, dead Spongeblobs wait for me!"


Kill 2 Spongeblobs (Rickety Docks > The SS Deckjoke > No. 2 Deck)
  • Spongeblob - Level 2 - 27-39 hp - 8 Experience 5 Fubars + Tasty Krabcake
  • Dried Spongeblob - Level 2 - 30-35 hp - 8 Experience 6 Fubars
  • or Sea Spongeblob - Level 2 - 35 hp - 8 Experience 6 Fubars

Trying to Continue Killing KrabsEdit

Janitor pirate
Swabbin'! "You come back here to murder more stuff? Well you can't. Because you already murdered everything. So unless you want to see some world class deck swabbin', shoo!"

Report BackEdit

"You did it!" Jack exclaims, forcing you into a little jig with him on the docks.

3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui bottom
Icon candy 01 You receive some Cheap Energy Candy!
Icon potion 01 You receive some Parsnip Juice!
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar


Video WalkthroughEdit



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