Npc stage
Scott chunkface


For the record, he knows it's misspelled. I wouldn't mention it.


Buy stuff! (Or sell stuff...then buy stuff!)


Fantasy University > Mordorms > Skool Suplies


Items Cost
Fizzy Soda 5
Overpriced Bottle of Water 5
Recipe: Contemporary Pop 5
Fizzy Bits Candy 35
Manual Pencil 75
Offset Spatula (level 2 weapon) 100
Trashbag Coiture (level 2 armor) 100
Fire-B-Gone 200
Armor of the School's Spirit (level 3 armor) 250
Can Opener (level 3 weapon) 250
Full Mathrobes (level 3 armor) 250
Leathered Armor (level 3 weapon) 250
Ninjatoe (level 3 weapon) 250
The Fashion Criminal (level 3 armor) 250
The Fashion Victimizer (level 3 armor) 250
Severely Useless Thing 300
Snoogie (level 4 armor) 550
Wizgizmo Ratchet (Crafting Tool) 550
Empty Bottle 3500
iRock 7500

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