Ron wheezy

Talking With Ron While There Are Bugs in His BedEdit

"Hey roomie!"
Ugh, heeeeere we go.
"I've been working on these new cheers, right? A routine no other Cheermonger has ever even tried before. They are so powerful that each one has the ability to make the listener stronger!
"Only one problem, though. Take a glance at my bed over there. Thing's crawlin' with bugs; they keep coming in from the room next door. If I stopped to squash them myself, I'd totally lose focus, and I'd never learn these cheers! Do you think you could clear them out for me? When they're gone, I'll do a cheer for you which will make you stronger in combat! What do you say?"

I'll look into it.

Ron's Cheers (After Cleaning His Bed)Edit

"Whoa, did you take care of those bugs for me? Thanks a ton, <name>! And just in time, too. I think I'm finally ready to test out one of these new cheers. Which cheer do you want to hear?

Beefosity Cheer (Best for Dodgebrawlers)!Edit

Strength buff Cheer of Beefosity
Effect: 10% increase to Beefosity
Duration: 6 Adventures

Zip Cheer (Best for Slackninjas)!Edit

Speed buff Cheer of Zip
Effect: 10% increase to Zip
Duration: 6 Adventures

Loathing Cheer (Best for Emomancers)!Edit

Loathing buff Cheer of Loathing
Effect: 10% increase to Loathing
Duration: 6 Adventures

Smarts Cheer (Best for Mathemagicians)!Edit

Cheer of Smarts
Effect: 10% increase to Smarts
Duration: 6 Adventures

Charm Cheer (Best for Cheermongers)!Edit

Cheer buff Cheer of Charm
Effect: 10% increase to Charm
Duration: 6 Adventures

Durability Cheer (Good for everybody)!Edit

Durability buff Cheer of Durability
Effect: 10% increase to Durability
Duration: 6 Adventures

Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll pass.Edit

Ron Performs The CheerEdit

"Alright, let's give her a whirl!"
Ron performs his experimental cheer, jumping and swishing his pom poms gloriously. When he's finished, you feel refreshed and empowered!
"Wow, it actually worked! Ha ha, neat! The buff I gave you will only last a while, now. Just come back if you want to hear another cheer. I'll be happy to give you an encore performance, assuming those bed bugs don't come back!"
Ron performs a cheer for you, increasing your <stat> for 5 Adventures!

(actually it lasts 6 Adventures)

Returning to Ron While Cheer Is Still In EffectEdit

Hey, <name>, how are you liking that buff? I'm still worn out from that performance, but when that one wears off, I should be ready to do another cheer for you. That is, assuming those stupid bedbugs don't come back!"

Thanks again, Ron.


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