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Reveal the Hatch
Side quest: Reveal the Hatch
Polar bear sitting on hatch
Given By Misplaced Bear
Level 9
Location Trainwreck
Rewards Hatch Revealed


A polar bear? Sitting in the middle of the jungle? Ludicrous!
"HEY," it says to you. Yep, it can talk. Shocking.
"I've seen some things, man...crazy things! Things you need to hear. But not until I have my mid-afternoon snack! That was the only good part about being in captivity. The delicious fish."
The bear appears to daydream for a moment, then snaps out of it. "And NOT," he continues, "those awful, wet, slimy, wriggly ones. No, these fish were different. They were...crunchy."



Om Nom Nom!Edit

Give him the biscuit!

Polar bear with fishbiscuit
"FISH BISCUIT!" the bear exclaims, snatching it from you and chowing down with vigor.
"You're alright, <name>. I think I can let you in on my terrible, labyrinthine secrets."
The bear leans closer to you and whispers, "There's a place you see, a mystical place where crazy things happen with little to no explanation. Often there's hints of explanation, but ultimately they just raise more questions, infuriating its inhabitants in the process. But I know the truth! You see, it all started..."
The bear is interrupted by a rustle in the trees and a strange, almost mechanical sound.
"No, NO! It found me!"

That sounds bad. I'm guessing that's bad.

Smokey the Bear?!Edit

Smoke monster
Suddenly, a puff of black smoke slams out of the trees and consumes the bear in front of you!
You can't make out anything through the smoke, and the mechanical noises are drowning out everything! What could be befalling that poor bear? Is he being ripped to shreds?! Thrown through time?! Thrown sideways through...I don't know, really, I had never really caught that part!

Smite some smoke!

Tan in BlackEdit

Polar bear covered in soot
Before you can even raise your weapon, the smoke disappears from whence it came. Your eyes follow its path back to where you assume you'll see the bloodied remains of the bear...

...or not. The bear blinks at you. "The NERVE of some people! Honestly, covering a harmless polar bear in soot. This is just embarrassing. I don't have to stand for this, you know!" In a huff (and quite literally, a puff) the bear collects himself and trots off indignantly into the jungle... ...revealing a strange metal door he was seemingly sitting on the entire time.

Leave this craziness!


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