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This Template is used to list the quests on the Quests page by quest giver. It also displays additional information such as the location of the quest giver, and the recommended level for each quest group.


{{Quest box 
|minlv = 
|maxlv =  
|Image =
|Stamp = 
|Name = 
|Location =  
|Quest1 = 
|Quest2 =  
|Quest3 = 
|Quest4 = 
|Quest5 =  
|Quest6 = 
|Quest7 =  
|Quest8 = 
|Quest9 =  
|Quest10 = 


{{Quest box
|minlv = Insert the minimum level here - ie.: 1
|maxlv = Insert the maxmimum level here - ie.: 5
|Image = Yourimage.png (or .jpg)
|Stamp = Nostalgya, Pleasanton, FU, etc (check stamps)
|Name = Name of the quest giver, ie.: Admiral Snackbar
|Location = Location of the quest giver, ie.: Rickety Docks
|Quest1 = Quest title, must be written *[[QuestName]]
|Quest2 = Optional
|Quest3 = Optional
|Quest4 = Optional
|Quest5 = Optional
|Quest6 = Optional
|Quest7 = Optional
|Quest8 = Optional
|Quest9 = Optional
|Quest10 = Optional


Journal quest stamp fu |Stamp = FU
Journal quest stamp townshire |Stamp = Townshire
Journal quest stamp breadbasket |Stamp = Bread Basket
Journal quest stamp pleasanton |Stamp = Pleasanton
Journal quest stamp trainwreck |Stamp = Trainwreck
Journal quest stamp nostalgya |Stamp = Nostalgya

Sample codeEdit

{{Quest box
|minlvl = 1
|maxlvl = 6
|Image = Questgiver_Snackbar.png
|Stamp = FU
|Name = Admiral Snackbar
|Location = Rickety Docks
|Quest1 = *[[He Won't Last Long!]]
|Quest2 = *[[You Won't Get Another Chance At This]]
|Quest3 = *[[Back at the Wheel, Err, Helm]]
|Quest4 = *[[The Barrrgain]]


Recommended level 1-6
Questgiver Snackbar
Journal quest stamp fu

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