Jungle shark

Raiders for the Lost Shark is a Guild Raid that can be accessed by talking to the Lost Shark in The Jungle of Trainwreck. Once a Guild Leader starts the raid, a series of tasks are required in order to complete the raid successfully.

The following tasks must all be completed within 30 minutes and only one raid can be performed per 24 hours.

  • Kill 100 Krabs/Spongebobs on the SS Deckjoke
  • Note: While this Raid is active, you will encounter stronger versions of these enemies, which are level 12, thus making them significantly harder to kill.
  • Kill 100 Koopas/Turtles from In The Gutters within Townshire or The Warp Zone within Peso Arcade within Nostalgya
  • Kill 50 Mysterious Water Creatures from the following locations
  1. Aligutter from In the Gutters
  2. Goldfish from The Cemetery within Pleasanton
  3. The Manatee from "A Six Million Dolar Manatee (Daily)" quest

These tasks do NOT have to be completed in any order. The penalty for failing the raid is a fixed damage based on level.

  • Raid-starting Dialogue
  • Raid Progress
  • Encounter after failing the Raid
  • Lost Shark location
  • Guild Raid Info
  • Fail Message
  • First Encounter

The following raid rewards can be obtained from completing the raid. The Softshell Krab Suit Recipe (10% Durability Innate Ability).

Male Armor

This armor can be crafted from various Krab fragments, which include:

  • 1 Krusty Karapace;
  • 2 Krooked Krab Leg;
  • 2 Krossed Krab Eyestalks;
  • 2 Cracked Krab Klaw.

Another Raid reward is "Shard of micro GV 9000" Combining 5 shards makes a Micro GV 9000, which increases the guild vailt maximum capacity by one.



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