Barney filthe

There are two kinds of cop: the quick and the undead.

*using rug on Barney*


Sweet Dreams!Edit

Barney filthe knocked out

Barney Filthe knocked out

You casually saunter up to the prison bars, rag hidden behind your back. Barney notices and approaches you.

"Now, don't go getting any fancy ideas! No one puts one over on ol' Barney Fi-"

You interrupt him by shoving the rag onto his face! In seconds, he's passed out on the floor. You snag the keys from his belt and unlock the cell door, to see the good Mayor, ever courageous, using this opportunity to dash off towards the Town Square!

Cheese It, the Feds!

Delicious Freedom!Edit

Jail door

You sprint out of Shivshank's into the Mall, seemingly unnoticed. It's time to go to the Town Square and chat with Mayor Brian about all of this.


Loot: 32 Experience


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