Npc stage
Nostalgya gift shop old man


Sorry, we no longer accept Rupees, Gil, Bells, Coins, Bolts, Simoleons, Bananas, Meseta, Rings, or Vespene Gas.


Nostalgya > Peso Arcade > Peso Arcade Shop.




Close Shave (level 12 weapon) 11800
Frill Sergeant (level 12 weapon) 11800
Murder Badger (level 12 weapon) 11800
Strategically Placed Leaves (level 12 armor) 11800
The Daper Gentleman (level 12 armor) 11800
Wicked Googly (level 12 weapon) 11800
B. D-Fencive (level 13 weapon) 14875
Cry Liner (level 13 weapon) 14875
The Mysterious Stranger (level 13 armor) 14875
Doublemint (level 15 weapon) 22600
Steel Chair (level 15 weapon) 22600
Stud n' Thud (level 15 weapon) 22600


The store owner is reffering to various types of game currency, such as Rupees(Legend Of Zelda), Gil(Final Fantasy), Bells( Animal Crossing), Coins(Super Mario), Bolts (Rathchet and Clank), Simoleons (The Sims), Bananas (Donkey Kong), Meseta (Peseta currency in Resident Evil 4), Rings ( Sonic the Hedgehog), or Vespene Gas (Starcraft).


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