Penicillin Envy
Go see Dr. Mac Steamy in the Nurse's Office
Mac Steamy
He is the super hottie in the Nurse's Office. Bellows steam. Can't miss him.
Given By Amma Terraneo
Level ≈3
Location The Office
Rewards 30 XP, 25 Fubars
Previous Next
O Captain, Your Captain Physician's Staff of Life


"Now we come to the icky part, I'm afraid. If you want to attend your classes, you'll need your immunization shots- can't have you infecting the other children now can we? Dr. Mac Steamy is the school's resident immunologist, you can find him in the Nurse's Office!"
As you leave, you can't shake the feeling of all those cats watching you go...nah, probably just your imagination.

Visit Dr. Mac Steamy

Dr. Mac SteamyEdit

A blast of heat hits you in the face. You're fairly certain that if you were wearing glasses, they would've fogged up. The Doctor glances up at you from his clearly busy day of being handsome.

"New student! Here for some shots?"



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