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Pasta Orchards
Type: Area
Location: The Bread Basket
Level 5-8
“Pasta drying in the sun. Fruits being ground into pulp. Yup, smells just like a farm!”
~ Pasta Orchards

Background InformationEdit

Quests vary here typically from level 5 to 8 with a substantial amount of XP derived. You can choose to join the free manson jars or the juicers faction.


The Bread Basket > Pasta Orchards


Pasta orchards pulp faction

Related QuestsEdit

Quest Giver Quest Name

Farmer Maynard

Traction with the Faction
Straining the Pulp

Farmer Miranda



Communing with Puree'wa (Daily)
Froul Harvesting (Daily)
Fruitillery Freakout (Daily)
Prof. Jamie Savage Adam Parts for the M.O.B. (Daily)
Mack Lalanne But Wait, There's More! (Daily)
To free or not to free


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