One-Eyed Willy

Upon encounter in Townshire > Lower Townshire > To Sewers > In The Gutters:

Deep within the confines of The Gutters, you run across an interesting creature who seems quite enamored with you. He bounces playfully around the sewers as his uncontrollable giggles echo across the halls. "Staring contest! Starin contest!" he shouts loudly.

Aww, how cute! He just wants to play a game! You know you aren't too good at staring contests, and you could probably convince a Slackninja to do it for you (those guys'll do anything!), but it might still be fun. What do you say?

  • Agree to a staring contest!
  • Have your Slackninja BFF agree to the staring contest!

Achievement: Congratulations, you have finished the All in Favor, Say Eye Achievement -- Beat One-Eyed Willy in a staring contest.!

30xp gained

Your Slackninja BFF steps up to face One-Eyed Willy. This is what they've trained for. At first you watch the two of them with great intensity. But as minutes turn to hours, hours to days, you eventually lose track of time. Deep underground in The Gutters, you find yourself missing the warmth of the sun's rays above.

Then, it happens. One-Eyed Willy, his eye bloodshot and seething with pain, finally blinks. You can see his eyelid fall heavily down over his eye, like a falling curtain at a really bad school play. Awesome simile, I know. Your Slackninja BFF, never waning, silently bows to One-Eyed Willy. "...You win..." the creature sighs before slinking off into the shadows of The Gutters.

  • Move On
  • Leave


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