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This is a FU quest

O Captain, Your Captain
Learn the whereabouts of the Captain of the SS Deckjoke
Arrr hiding
Find the Captain of the SS Deckjoke, he should be somewhere near the Rickety Docks.
Given By Amma Terraneo
Prerequisites Complete "A Friend In Need"
Level Any
Location The Office
Rewards 45 Experience, 35 Fubars
Previous Next
A Friend In Need Penicillin Envy
Mutiny on the Deckjoke


"You know, while you were out, I got to thinking about F.U.'s bus driver, Captain Arrr. He hasn't stopped by to pick up his weekly package of thin mint sardines yet, which is so unlike him. I know you just saw him earlier down at the docks, was everything okay?"
You stare blankly at Amma. One of her cats stares right back.
"You do know who I'm talking about, right? Captain Arrr? Luxurious mustache? Missing an appendage or three? No? Well, it's not a big deal, but if you get the chance, could you head down to the docks and look for him?"

Learn the whereabouts of the Captain of the SS Deckjoke

Got It!

Returning to Amma Before Finishing the QuestEdit

"Did you find that sweet old pirate Captain Arrr yet? I'm sure he's somewhere near the Rickety Docks! If he doesn't pick up these sardines soon, I just might have to eat them myself!"

Finding Captain ArrrEdit

Rickety docks Arr Hiding Zoom

Peculiarrr Bushes

Got to the hellavator

and click on the Peculiarrr Bushes

"Arrr, so Amma sent ye to check on me, did she? I'm just an old sea dog who's lost his ship. That swindler Willy Jack stole her from me, he did. He's not the lovable fancy-hat man you think he is, lad.
Amma probably has a lot more for you to do, but if ye have the time to spare I could sure use some help getting me ship back. Come see me again if yer interested."

Reporting Back to AmmaEdit

 "He was hiding in the bushes, you say? How peculiar. Well, at least he's alright. We mustn't dwell on that zany pirate's schemes, <name>. There is much more to do!"


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