Meet the Meat
Collect a piece of Grade A Porkin Meat.
Farmer in the dell
Given By Farmer in the Dell
Level 6
Location Bacon Acres
Rewards 110 XP; 95 Fubars
Previous Next
Fertilizer and You The Life and Times of Meat


Go to the Porkin Patch and fight Porkins until you find a ESDA Choice Porkin that will drop Grade A Porkin Meat.



"While we've been yappin', Farmer Vill has been busy planting the eggs you fertilized out in the Porkin Patch. Why don't you head on down there and cultivate some of the harvest?

"You'll likely see all kinds of Porkin down there. Those are all the screw-ups, so feel free to kill any that cross your path. When you find an ESDA Choice Porkin, though, be sure to collect the meat from it when you send him off to Porkin Heaven. That meat is where the money's at, alright?"


Collect a piece of Grade A Porkin Meat.

Before Quest CompletionEdit

"Oh, and one more thing; if you're finding it difficult to find an ESDA Choice Porkin, try finding some more fertilizer around Elanthia. The stuff I gave you was just the beginning. If you use some really good stuff, your chances of finding ESDA Choices will go through the roof!"

Quest CompletionEdit

"Yessiree, this is the stuff! Grade A Porkin Meat! Just breathe in that divine odor! Whoooo-Eey!"
"Well, <name>, there's only one thing left to do with this here meat - process it."
3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui bottom
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar


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