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Magical Mixer-y Tour
Take the controls at the Magical Mixer!
Salacious e
This is just a tribute
Given By Salacious E
Level 14-15
Location P2F Recording Studio
Rewards 205 XP; 215 Fubars
Previous Next
See the Quee It Don't Take No Guff


JB asks, "Pro's Tools?"
KG chimes in, "Life-altering encounter with Ludwig van Queethoven?"
JB yelps with excitement. "Then let's get this show on the road! Have a seat at the Mixer over there and let's make ourselves some ROCK."

Take the controls at the Magical Mixer!


The Magical Mixer has now appeared in the Recording Studio, use that to access the new area Guitar-Shredding Werewolf Explosion. Then, adventure in The Road.

Go speak with Salacious E to unlock the next quest "It Don't Take No Guff"


During QuestEdit

JB squeals, "Oh, GAH, come on with the Mixer! TAKE FOREVER!"

Magical MixerEdit

Magic mixer
You plop down in front of the Mixer, fully prepared to ROCK OUT, preferably with all of your appendages safely stowed away.
In the center of the console, amidst the endless dials and sliders, is a giant, shiny red button, that has one word printed on it:


Looks like this will be even easier than you thought!
>>> Hit the Button
Your Pro's Tools begin to glow and hum. Suddenly, your mind swirls violently and your whole body is ripped forward as if you were doing some sort of involuntary horizontal bungee jump. With a sound not unlike that of the world ending, your vision cuts to black.
After several moments, your vision returns. You are still seated at the Mixer...only the Recording Studio has disappeared. You're in a small corner of a massive, fantastical land, the most prominent feature of which being the requisite foreboding castle in the distance. A long winding road, henceforth called "The Road," lies invitingly in front of you.
Time to Explore!

Quest CompletionEdit

The E listen intently as you describe what you witnessed on the other side of the Mixer. KG says, "'re right, we probably could've mentioned that, in this case, 'producing' means 'vanquishing demons in the mystical world our album created'.
"Our bad."
3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui bottom
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar


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