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Image Name Type Description Usage Obtained via Crafting recipes Value
1/2 Off Sandal Crafting Resource Yep, you only get one. I can't believe you fell for that. Pants Half Off (Town Green, townshire) Sandalwood 1000
Abra-Kablam Abra-Kablam Consumable A peculiar little orb of pure magic. Yeah, this is exactly the kind of thing you should just toss carelessly into your inventory. I wouldn't even worry about it. Going Bananas Daily Quest reward 2780
Icon account password Account Password Miscellaneous 1-2-3-4-5? Maybe you should think about changing your luggage combination... Pleasanton (Zombie Hunters) 12
Icon adulterated magazines Adulterated Magazines Miscellaneous These used to be perfectly innocent magazines, until...the Accident. Kitchen of Foul Repute 7
Ale-Stained T-Shirt Miscellaneous Nothing like beer-soaked sausages. Really enhances the flavor. Trash Can 14
Alligutter Tears Miscellaneous He didn't seem very sad when he was attacking you. You're pretty sure the whole thing was a croc. Gutters 1
Ancient Video Game Cartridge Miscellaneous This game blows. townshire Junkyard 8
Angle Grinder Crafting Tool This thing can grind a girder at any angle - 30 degrees, 32 degrees, you name it. 31... The Bump 'N Grinder Pristine Sandalwood 8
Angsty Heart of Pom Rare Crafting Resource This is totally, like, you know, a useful, Kitchen of Foul Repute; Jumbo Juicer 306
Animal Magnets Miscellaneous Huh, apparently charm has nothing to do with it. Trainwreck 10
Armed and Operational Disco Ball Consumable That's no moon... Summons a sparkly disco ally. General Snackbar 0
Aromatic Wood Chips Miscellaneous A good smoked Porkin requires the finest wood chips, which can't be found anywhere else but in Hauli Woods. Porkin Patch 8
Icon ashen tongue Ashen Tongue Uncommon Crafting Resource Despite warnings, the former owner of this tongue couldn't be bothered to blow on their white-hot food. Let this be a lesson! 103
Athletic Cup Miscellaneous You're not exactly sure how the previous owner used this...and honestly, you'd prefer to keep it that way. Hallways (dodgebrawler)
Gas Pump Station (Power Player)
B Miscellaneous It's the letter B, dropped by the B-hemoth. There's a socket in the back, as though it can be placed somewhere... Bookshelves (B-hemoth) 22
Bacta Bar Consumable All the healing without the need to submerge yourself in strange liquids for hours on end. Delicious and nutritious, Bacta Bars are made for the rebel on the go. Heals 100% health Formerly dropped in the Kitchen of Foul Repute after defeating the Dire Pudding - now replaced with Savory Meat Brick x2. 10
Badger Claw Uncommon Crafting Resource You'd think anyone could just walk down to the Badger Farm and pick up a dozen of these, but Elanthian Law states that it is illegal to harvest the claws from any badger, living or dead. Ivory's fine, though. 103
Bad Apple Stem Quest item One can only assume that the Apple's attitude...stems...from its upbringing. Jumbo Juicer (Bad Apple) Puree'wa Offering
Bag O' Candy Quest item It's like Halloween, but for festive meats! Prize Shoppe Porkin and Candy 1
Icon banana phone Banana Phone Miscellaneous "Hey can you hold on a minute? I've got a call on another vine. Used to get achievement "Hello Clarice" Jumbo Juicer (Bananibal Lecter released)
Banana Phone Peel Miscellaneous Cellular, modular, interactive-odular! Jumbo Juicer (Bananibal Lecter) 10
Bedbug Lint Quest Item There are over five hundred and sixty-seven crevices in your average bedbug. Lint is just one of the things that collects in them.

Requested by Handsy. Can be used for Static-O-Meter.

Bed Bugs 3
Bedbug Love Note Bedbug Love Note Consumable 'Dear Swedish Twins, Would you be our sweethearts? -The Fraternal Twins, Stefan and Blech'

Activation: Bedbug Swoon; replaced with Love Potion after use

Can be used as paper for Handsy

Bed Bugs 40
Beef Shank Quest Item Cannibalism? You bet. Trash Can
Bendable Wire Quest Item Camp Site Monkey Suit
Icon bikini bottoms Bikini Bottoms Miscellaneous It's a little risque, but that's atoll you have to pay for fashionable knickers. No. 2 Deck (Spongeblobs) 5
Bizarro Bits Quest Item Breaking this guy down doesn't really lessen the overall bizarro factor. Vehicular Ability Generator (Bizarro Superfruit) Puree'wa Offering
Icon bloody marey Bloody Marey Consumable Bloody Marey, she's so contrary Grants the using character increased Loathing and Zip for fifteen adventures. 2
Blue Salamander Corpse Miscellaneous So I heard you like reptile carcass? Lol Catacombs (Carnivorous Cake) 1
Blue Star Duck Miscellaneous What the heck was this doing in there? This looks a piece of old-timey Carnival paraphernalia. Surely someone around here is into that sort of stuff. The Scalper will reward 500 Generi-Tickets Bobbin For Sausages
Blurry UFO photo Miscellaneous Maybe UFOs are just blurry? Ever think of that? Crop Circle (Down-Home Country Alien) 17
Boiler Valve Handle Quest Item What do you suppose is the half-life is of something like this? Can you believe it was just sitting here, left for dead? I'm here all week folks! Used to operate boiler Boiler Pit: Just Right (Dusting dusty Dust Bunny) N/A
Bottle of BBQ Sauce Crafting Resource The zesty, spicy sauce that completes any Porkin meal. Porkin Patch (Pigasus) L7 U2 V8 8
Bottle of Glue Bottle of Glue Crafting Resource Good for getting into sticky situations, as though you needed help with that. Sticky Bowling Shoes 1
Bottle of Liquid Fire Bottle of Liquid Fire Nothing about this makes any sense at all. Used to thaw Herb McCleavagin in "Bringing Home the Bacon" quest Admiral Snackbar 100
Bottomless pits Miscellaneous Have you ever seen a cherry pit without a bottom? Makes you wonder how it stays upright. Noodly Grove
Icon bowtie Bow Tie Miscellaneous Why do people constantly try forcing primates to wear these? Because it's adorable, that's why. Damned Dirty Apes (Monkeys) 21
Bowler Hat Quest Item I didn't know bowlers even wore hats! Goon'ter (Damned Dirty Apes)/Crop Circles (Jabba Job) Tin Gel Hat 8
Bowling Shoes Quest Item You know you've always secretly wanted to take a pair of these home. Looks like someone did!

The soles are so slick, they're useless as a fashion statement, but with a little work, they might server some other purpose...

Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube Sticky Bowling Shoes 3
Icon boxy shorts Boxy Shorts No. 2 Deck (Spongeblobs) 5
Box of Toothpicks Quest Item Trailer Park (Rambi, The Butters) Pre-Game Fruit Tray
Brain Feed Brain Feed Miscellaneous Designed for the special dietary needs for growing zombies. Bean Field 15
Brass Ball Bearings Miscellaneous Adding insult to injury. townshire Junkyard 12
Bread Bowl Miscellaneous Wear it as a hat! Keep your keys in it! Fill it with hot soup! Or the blood of your enemies! The uses are endless! Pantry of Ill Omen 5
Brick o' Flak Quest Item Bits of Jagged Metal, Now in handy rectangular form! Mechanical Animals (Train Wreck) N/A
Broken Calculator Quest Item There seems to be a ... problem with this calculator. Used to claim ABM bounty. Boiler Pit (Alpha Werewolf) 8
Broken Visor ??? Repairing it would take fifteen years and a team of a hundred. ??? Stolen (BBF action) from KittKat 1
Icon bulwark of the dungeoner Bulwark of the Dungeoner Miscellaneous The ultimate defense against both omnipotent super boss and plague rat alike. Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) 14
Aspearagus Bundle of Aspearagus Miscellaneous This would make great ammunition for the Fruitillery Cannon. Vehicular Mobility Generators (Ghoulconut) 1
Icon bunny dust Bunny Dust Miscellaneous Squeeze a dust bunny, and this is what comes shooting out of its...nose. Yes. Nose. Boiler Pit: Just Right (Dusting dusty Dust Bunny) Unknown recipe 8
Butcher Knife (For Adults Only!) Quest Item To clarify, it's only for adults because of its handle size. The handle on the Children's Butcher Knife is much smaller. Prize Shoppe (100 Tickets) Porkin and Knife
C Miscellaneous It's the letter C, dropped by the C-Serpent. There's a socket in the back, as though it can be placed somewhere... Bookshelves (C-Serpent) 22
Canister of Coolant Quest Item Cool your jets! Cool your engines! ...Cool other things besides jets and engines! It's Coolant! A McGuffin Industries product. Erroneous Position Relative to the Rails (Cool-ant)
Carnivorous Pear Consumable You don't know real terror until you've confronted a gigantic carnivorous pear face-to-face. Lucky for you, this one's not quite that size... yet. Activation: Pear Nibbling. Effect: Unleash the blind rage of the Carnivorous Pear! The SS Deckjoe (Hollow Deck) 10
Icon cats note Cat's Note 'I've been watching you ever since you arrived in our town. Brian means well,
so you'll have to forgive him for the whole prison thing. This vial contains a strong
sedative that should knock ol' Barney out. Just pour some on a cloth of some kind and
hold it over his nose for a few seconds. I'll be in touch again.'-MF
Icon chain mail Chain Mail Miscellaneous [FWD:][FWD:][FWD:][FWD:][FWD:]Did you get that equipment I sent you? Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In! 8
Icon chatty skull Chatty Skull Quest Item It thinks it's still alive.
Icon candy 01 Cheap Energy Candy Consumable It's probably minty. You like mintiness, don't you? Recover 7-12 power. 2
Icon cheap machete Cheap Machete Quest Item What do hockey-loving psychopaths, army surplus stores, and boy scouts have in common? No really, what? It's an honest question.

May be used to remove Weakened Monkey Wrench's arm for Gepedo quest.

Boiler Pit (Kreddy Frueger) 3
Chewed-up Brains Miscellaneous Nauseous yet? Pleasanton (Zombies) 15
Chimera Extract Uncommon Crafting Resource You'll sleep better if I don't tell you how they collect this. Erroneous Position Relative to the Rails (Cool-Ant); Bookshelves (D-mon) 103
Class Schedule Miscellaneous 1st Period: Brains 2nd Period: Brains; 3rd Period: Lunch?! Plesanton HS (Lunchlady... Of the Damned) 15
Clustered Fragments of the Harubrik's Staff Crafting Resource? Three splintered fragments from the legendary Harubrik's Staff. Man, there are probably a lot of these. Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) Harubrik's Staff? 14
Commemorative Stein Miscellaneous Yeah, this doesn't cheapen the memory at all. Sausage Festival Trash Can 14
Icon pertinacious d Composed Pertinacious-D Rare Crafting Resource

This is the greatest and best item in the world.

... tribute.

Bookshelves (Y-vern) 306
Concerning Pebble Concerning Pebble Uncommon Crafting Resource Don't you dare call it a Worry Stone—not if you value your life. 103
Icon contemporary pop Contemporary Pop Crafting Resource Sure, it's bland and tastes just like everything else out there right now, but it's still good for a lil energy in a pinch. Recovers 20-39 Power on activation Bed Bugs, Sewers L7 U2 V8 20
Convicted Wifebeater Miscellaneous Congratulations! You have stopped a convicted wifebeater simply by stuffing it into your backpack. Don't you feel good, hero? Kitchen of Foul Repute 7
Cool Beans Quest Item Bean Fields (Beanstalks)
Icon coping with zombie-isms Coping with Zombie-ism Pamphlet Miscellaneous The five stages of dealing with undeath. Three of them are 'Eat Brains.' Pleasanton (Zombies) 15
Corn Pwn Miscellaneous Corn's not gonna pwn itself, n00b. Crop Circles 17
Cracked Krab Klaw Miscellaneous Waiter, my Krab Klaw has a huge ass crack in it! Fore Deck (Krabs) 3
Icon creepy doll head Creepy Goo Goo Doll Crafting Resource I'm not sure if it's better or worse as just the head, but I still can't sleep. Goo Goo Body + Creepy Doll Head Goo Goo Doll 60
Creepy Dust Uncommon Crafting Resource You know when you walk into an abandoned building/crypt/parent's basement and everything's covered in dust? Yeap. That dust. 103
Crusty Frylets Quest Item Resembling petrified wood more than a fry, these nasty little buggers are better used as nails...or maybe has tents stakes for really small tents. You certainly wouldn't want to eat them, though. Can be used as a disgusting food in Nutrition Suspicion. Kitchen of Foul Repute (Sentient Laserfries)


Icon cultured yeast Cultured Yeast Miscellaneous Oh, yes. This yeast has culture. It oozes culture. It has culture to burn. 5
D Miscellaneous It's the letter D, dropped by the D-mon. There's a socket in the back, as though it can be placed somewhere... Bookshelves (D-Mon) 22
Icon de-puft marshmallow man De-Puft Marshmallow Man Miscellaneous What did you do Ray?! Top Chef 26
Depressing Poetry Miscellaneous The only thing sadder than this poetry would be drowning puppies, and it would have to be a lot of them. Pleasanton HS (Emomancer) 7
Detention Slip Detention Slip Consumable I'll see you after school. You know what you did. Fill an opponent with the dread of impending detention. Junior Locker 1000
Diminutive Eyepatch Miscellaneous A diminutive eyepatch for a diminutive eye. Not yours. Hollow Deck (Pierats) 3
Icon disconcerting magic 8 ball Disconcerting Magic 8 Ball Miscellaneous Ask again later...if you can. Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) 1
Dog-less Dog Collar Miscellaneous Everything you could ever want from a dog collar. And yes, that includes the dog. Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) 1
Icon doused torchlight Doused Torchlight Miscellaneous Its flame once burned brightly, but now...sigh. Tragic. Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) 3
Dragon Dandruff Uncommon Crafting Resource The guy who actually acquires these passes them off as dragon scales. He's also a compulsive liar. Bookshelves (Dire-E) 103
Droplet of the Headmaster's Bath Water Uncommon Crafting Resource Do we really have to tell you why this is so coveted by collectors everywhere? 103
Dry Whetstone Miscellaneous That's right, it's been sober for years now. The Camp Site (Pleatherface) 19
E Miscellaneous It's the letter E, dropped by the Dire-E. There's a socket in the back, as though it can be placed somewhere... Bookshelves (Dire-E) 22
Easytogetium Rare, Level 3 Crafting Resource Unlike other, more reputable systems, the Elanthian Periodic Table doesn't waste time using silly things like 'science' or 'pretty language' to name its constituents. 360
Icon essence of boom Essence of BOOM Miscellaneous Handle with care, unless you've found that second hand of yours to be overrated. Asplode Hall (Booms) 26
Icon elanthias own pixie juice Elanthia's Own Pixie Juice Consumable Guaranteed fresh. Never from concentrate. Where does your pixie juice come from? (Now with extra pulp.) Recovers 28-39 Power and 218-726 Health. 410
Eldritch Cheddar Uncommon Crafting Resource Have you ever seen a wedge of cheese seethe with an eerie power? No? Check that one off the list, then. 103
Icon empty picture frame Empty Picture Frame Miscellaneous Sewers
Exposed Bone Shards Quest Item Now honestly, you're just asking to put an eye out, minus the fact that you have none. Pleasanton (Zombies) N/A
Extra-Fried Pork Rinds Crafting resource Normal pork rinds are bad enough, but these have spent an extra minute and a half in the fryer. Which means they'll make your cholesterol go from 0 to 130 in about three bites. Porkin Patch (Run of the Mill Porkin)
Excessive Ribcage Miscellaneous After seeing these, a smart person might consider opening a Kitty Back Ribs in townshire, provided they could herd cats. LOL Catacombs 1
Fair-e Quest Item Time to bottle this little guy up before he spoils. And don't forget the air holes this time! Learning Center (L-ph)
Icon fallingfromtheskyium Fallingfromtheskyium Rare, Level 6 Crafting Resource Unlike other, more reputable systems, the Elanthian Periodic Table doesn't waste time using silly things like 'science' or 'pretty language' to name its constituents. Vehicular Mobility Generators (Ghoulconut) 690
Icon fashionable zipper Fashionable Zipper Quest Item Exactly just how fashionable are we talking here? Like family restaurant attire, or is this something I can impress the in-laws with? Rot Topic (Zom and Bee) 17
Filthy Pillow Miscellaneous The tag says 'hypoallergenic,' but the tag clearly lies. Beg Bugs 5
Fizzy Bits Candy Crafting Resource It's like a party! For your face! Skool supplies 35
Fizzy Soda Bomb Miscellaneous This is exactly the sort of thing you aren't supposed to do with food. Crafted item 1
Icon foreign eye Foreign Eye Uncommon Crafting Resource Coming soon: the iForeign Eye. Make the whole world blind! Hollow Deck (Boston Cream Pierat); Kitchen of Foul Repute; The Bump 'N Grinder 103
Fragment of Harubrik's Staff Crafting Resource? A splintered fragment from the legendary Harubrik's STaff. Man, there are probably a lot of these. Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) Harubrik's Staff? 8
Icon free sample Free Sample Miscellaneous What do we have here? Sweet and sour brains? Pass. Pleasanton 15
Fruit Peeler Quest Item In the Bread Basket you must present 3 forms of ID and have a permit in order to carry a concealed peeler. Pasta Orchards
Fruit Smoothie Quest Item Though technically a form of cannibalism to the fruits of the Bread Basket, that does not detract from its deliciousness. Pasta Orchards 10
Function Miscellaneous So that's what it is. The Mangles 11
Fungills Miscellaneous Mushrooms with fungills not only know how to have a good time, they know how to have it while underwater. Diabolic Dungeons (Big Black Mushroom) 4
Funky Cheese Crafting Resource This cheese claims to know how to get down, but mostly it just knows how to get funky. Quest item

Can be used as a disgusting food in Nutrition Suspicion.

Hollow Deck (Pierats); Kitchen of Foul Repute (Milkshake of Indeterminate Flavor) 1
Funnel Cake Miscellaneous A favorite among the sausage children. Kitchen of Foul Repute (Dire Pudding)/Trash Can 14
Fur-Covered Gear Quest item That stuff really does get everywhere. Quest item Curiously Quiet Thicket (Poacher) 19
Icon fur covered pastry Fur-Covered Pastry Crafting Resource Some people like cheddar on their pie. Some people like ice cream. Some people like fur. Hey man. Don't judge. Hollow Deck (Pierats) Monkey Suit 1
Fuse-d Stem Quest Item Rather convenient that this stem resembles a fuse for this one quest, wouldn't you say? Fruits (Pasta Orchards) N/A
G Miscellaneous It's the letter G, dropped by the G-nie. There's a socket in the back, as though it can be placed somewhere... Bookshelves (G-nie) 22
Gas Can Quest Item Sweet! Now if only anything in Elanthia run on gasoline... Gas Pump Station 15
Gelatin Key Miscellaneous It's like a skeleton key...only jigglier. Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) 1
Gelatin Pops Consumable How many licks does it take to get to the gelatin pop centre of a Harubrik's Cube? F.U. may never know. Its one of the most delicious treats ever made from a horse's foot! Increases your resistance to Ice Ice Damage by 50% for 3 adventures. Popsicle Stick put in Frozen Harubrik's Cube (Boiler Pit: Cold) 10
Gelatin-flavored Cheese Miscellaneous This tastes really good on whipped cream-flavored crackers. Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) 3
Gem-encrusted Spoon Miscellaneous A magical spoon capable of allowing its wearer to eat twice his or her body weight in a single bite. Such a power cannot be contained, however. The more you make use of this enchanted utensil, the more volatile it will become, risking certain devastation. Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) 8
Icon generic ticket Generi-Ticket Miscellaneous An all-purpose ticket with a plethora of uses all over Elanthia. Many tickets use these tickets in lieu of Fubars or other items, so it's a good idea to stock up whenever you can! Can be traded for Sausage Festival prizes. Sausage Festival 1
Ghostly Spleen Uncommon Crafting Resource What is this even haunting? 103
Ginormous Meatball Crafting Resource It looks like it's been sitting on top of spaghetti. All covered with cheese. Used in Meat Puppet recipe Meat Puppet 7
Icon givenawayium Givenawayium Rare, Level 7 Crafting Resource Unlike other, more reputable systems, the Elanthian Periodic Table doesn't waste time using silly things like 'science' or 'pretty language' to name its constituents Devilish Drive-Thru (crafting reward) 900
Glass of Denture Cleaner Crafting Resource True clean for false teeth. Quest Item Trailer Park (Cheeky Cherub) Haunted Dentures 1
Glass of Milk Crafting Resource The Docktopus recommends drinking two to four glasses every day. He likes you kids big and strong! Hollow Deck (Pierats); Kitchen of Foul Repute (Milkshake of Indeterminate Flavor) 1
Gleeshroom Miscellaneous This mushroom looks incredibly pleased, relative to most other mushrooms you've seen. you should put it in a stew and teach it a lesson. Fore Deck (Krabs) 3
Glob O' Drill Oil Miscellaneous Guaranteed to keep 'em spinning for 2,000 killings or 3 months, whichever comes first. 22
Goo Goo Doll Miscellaneous At least it has a body. De-constructable Q-pod 20
Gooey Seeds Miscellaneous Speed Seed Spitting is the fastest growing sport in Elanthia. However most competitors are immediately disqualified upon attempting to pronounce the sport while eating. Can be used to gunk up the Vehicular Mobility Generators in the Pulp Faction quests. 10
Icon googly eyes Googly Eyes Crafting Resource It is a well known fact that googly eyes make everything better. Can be handed to Handsy Boiler Pit: Just Right (Dusting dusty Dust Bunny); No. 2 Deck (Spongeblobs) Monkey Suit 5
Icon goopy short sword Goopy Short Sword Miscellaneous If you think this one's gross, wait until you see the Long Sword! Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) 3
Grade A Porkin Meat Crafting Resource The finest porkin meat available on the market. You can craft it with all sorts of things to intensify its flavor. For example, wigs and candy both come to mind.

Used to craft Sausage Festival employee items and Meat Puppet pet.

Porkin Patch (USDA Choice Porkin)

Meat Puppet

Sausage Festival Employees

Greasy Pomade Miscellaneous The pleasing aroma is half the point! Sewers; Kitchen of Foul Repute (Ancient Grease) 1
Gristle Nugget Miscellaneous While technically still food, you're fairly sure you'd never be convinced to chew this up, even with someone else's mouth. 7
Ground Coffee Crafting Resource Ground, as in 'run through a grinder.' Although, to be fair, you did find it on the ground. Bump N'Grinder Half Double Decaffeinated Half-Caf 8
Icon grumpy vapor Grumpy Vapor Uncommon Crafting Resource If you were forced to live in a small corked bottle, you wouldn't be all rainbows and sunshine, either.

Bookshelves (C-Serpent)

Bean Stalkers (Bean Field)

Gym Sock Miscellaneous This might have been made of 100% cotton once, but that's been at least 20% displaced by all the sweat and stink it's absorbed. At least, that's how we think the math works. Can be used to create static in static-o-meter (warden cliff) SS Deckjoke 1
Half Double Decaffeinated Half-Caf Half Double Decaffeinated Half-Caf Consumable The twist of lemon is what gives it that perfect amount of zing! Drink one of these and you'll have enough energy to rollerskate through a museum! Recover 44-60 Power 410
Half-Digested Foot Miscellaneous Mmmm. The toes are the best part, you know. Eat 'em with jam. Diabolic Dungeons (Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube) 7
Half-Eaten Carrot Quest Item Now that's a real shame when folks throw away a perfectly good half-eaten carrot. Can be used as a disgusting food in Nutrition Suspicion. Boiler Pit: Hot (Fiery Pixie Dust Bunny) 8
Half-Eaten Bun Quest Item The buns are round but the festival attendees are square... Can be used as a disgusting food in Nutrition Suspicion. Trash Can 14
Half-Eaten Cheezburger Quest Item Apparently, you can, indeed, has cheezburger. Well, half of one, at least. Can be used as a disgusting food in Nutrition Suspicion. Kitchen of Foul Repute (Ancient Grease) 1
Icon happy mushroom Happy Mushroom Miscellaneous You really should wipe that shitake eating grin off your face when you look at this poor guy! It scares him! Diabolic Dungeons (Big Black Mushroom); Warp Zone 8
Hardened Abracadabacus Rare Crafting Resource for Enchantments The precursor to the Abracadabbing Machine. 306
Icon heart of pom Hardened Heart of Pom Rare Crafting Resource for Enchantments This is totally, like, you know, a useful, 306
Headpiece of the Harubrik's Staff Crafting Resource? Without the base of a staff to complete the ensemble, this thing is really only useful as a paper weight. A really magical paper weight. Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) Harubrik's Staff? 17
Icon health eclaire Health-eclair Consumable Somehow, the Top Chef has managed to make a cream-filled pastry that isn't just good, it's good for you, too! Heals 21-62 health. Boiler Pit 20
Heap o' Femurs Miscellaneous I've seen a lot of femurs in my life and...that's a lot more. Diabolic Dungeons (Infinite Skeleton Legions) 5
Icon heart of pom Heart of Pom Rare Crafting Resource for Enchantments This is totally, like, you know, a useful, 306
Hobo Code Hobo Code Miscellaneous This scrap of paper was left behind by the inebriated ogre in the A&Q Tavern. He was most assuredly a hobo, and this appears to be some sort of code. Ergo, it must be hobo code! The question is where in Elanthia might you need this? Having the Hobo Code in your inventory while adventuring in 'The Mangle' lets you encounter and obtain the 'Tickle-Me-Hobo' pet. Found after waking up the Inebriated Ogre at the A&Q Tavern 1
Horrifying Sandwich Quest Item You were probably expecting some brain-sandwich joke here, but you won't get it. It's just a gas station sandwich. Can be used as a disgusting food in Nutrition Suspicion. Full-Service Gas Station (Mother Trucker) 15
Huge Melons Crafting Resource "Did you see that Cheermonger over there?" "Yeah, dude, she has huge melons!" Quest item for Cheermonger; recipe item for Knights of Gouda Jumbo Juicer (Bizarro Superfruit)
Humongous Soda Miscellaneous Full Service Gas Station
Ice Tray Full O' Ice Crafting Resource As opposed to an ice tray full of say, flesh-eating piranhas. Quest Item for Slackninja and Emomancer; recipe item for Knights of Gouda Boiler Pit: Cold; Meat Freezer (Icy Tea); Noodly Grove (Icy Tea)
Inane Babbles by the Undeadmaster Inane Babbles by The Undeadmaster Miscellaneous The mad scribbles of a man masquerading as a zombie that talks through sock puppets. Highlights include: '...the Slayground is the key, oh yes, that's where the power lies!' 'townshire's Mayor is missing! Cheese is a plant! Really? Not literally!' '...Cornucopia, Faunted Crest, and Soul Whistle are the first of the three...' An Open Grave after completing Undeadmaster's third quest. 2
Instant Gelatin Powerder Miscellaneous By the time you finish reading this, you could have made seventeen batches of Gelatin. Think about that. (Nineteen now, haha.) Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) 8
Icon intricately folded note Intricately Folded Note Quest Item It would've been cool to know what this says, if not for its labyrinthine creases.

Can be used as paper for Handsy

Hallways (Maledictorian, Emomancer) 21
Intuitive Beefcake Rare Crafting Resource for Enchantments Beefcake! BEEEEEFCAAAAAKE! 306
Icon heart of pom Intuitive Heart of Pom Rare Crafting Resource for Enchantments This is totally, like, you know, a useful, The Boomlab in Asplode Hall(Wild Boom) 306
Icon junior locker combination piece Junior Combination Piece Crafting Resource This appears to be half of a combination for a Junior's locker. Don't ask how we know that. Just go with it. Hallways (Slater Kapowski) Junior Combination
Icon knockout juice Knockout Juice A vial of 100%, fresh-squeezed Knockout Juice! Helpful for any inconvenient-yet-within-reach guards you might need out of commission. 1
Icon knockout rag Knockout Rug A rag soaked in Knockout Juice! Aim away from (your own) face.
Krooked Krab Leg Miscellaneous This krooked krab leg has many uses. For one, you could hang your keys on it. Or use it to pull a Vauderville actor off stage. I think two examples is enough. Fore Deck (Krabs) 3
Krossed Krab Eyestalks Miscellaneous You just know this krab's krabmother warned him that his eyes would stick this way. But did he listen? Did he? I think you can see that clearly he did not. Fore Deck (Krabs) 3
Krusty Karapace Miscellaneous You could say the krab that formerly wore this karapace no longer needed it. Or you could say you ripped it off its cold, dead back. Either way. Fore Deck (Krab King) 2
L Miscellaneous It's the letter L, dropped by the L-ph. There's a socket in the back, as though it can be placed somewhere... Bookshelves (L-ph) 22
Icon L7 U2 V8 L7 U2 V8 Consumable Fresh from our farm where the streets have no name, it'll really fuel your fire. It's better than the real thing! (Contains absolutely no UB40 and Zero 7.) Recovers 32-51 Power Penne Pines; Jumbo Juicer (Bananibal Lecter) 130
Icon lanolin Lanolin Like sheep's wool. 15
Large Empty Bag Miscellaneous Its uses are endless (*Not a toy) Is used to collect "movement" by Dog Breathwing in Crop Circles townshire Junkyard (Abstract Metal Sculpture) 1
Leather Straps Miscellaneous These utilitarian straps have dozens of uses around the dorm! Tie up your books! Tie up your curtains! Tie up your roomma...curtains! The Camp Site (Headless Horsehack) 1
Lemon Miscellaneous Get a couple more of these together with some Jenga and you've got yourself a party: a lemon party, if you will. Kitchen of Foul Repute (Lemon-Lime Slime) 7
Icon abracadabacus Lethargic Abracadabacus Rare Crafting Resource for Enchantments The precursor to the Abracadadding Machine. Porkin Patch (Run of the Mill Porkin)
Lethargic Emo Poemo Rare Crafting Resource for Enchantments This one's called 'Blackened Spiral of Torment.' Wait, where's everyone going? 306
Icon pertinacious d Lethargic Pertinacious-D Rare Crafting Resource for Enchantments This is the greatest and best item in the world. ...tribute. 306
Letter scale Miscellaneous Not so much used to calculate postage, as it is to creep out your sister. Bookshelf 22
Likeable Beefcake Rare Crafting Resource for Enchantments Beefcake! BEEEEEFCAAAAAKE! The Pantry of Ill Omen 306
LL Cool Aid Consumable Mama said drink this up! Zero calories, so it's guaranteed not to give you a big ol' butt. Recover 56-72 Power Reward for completing quest 'To the left! To the left!' 4720
Lonesome Banana Lonesome Banana Quest Item Is there anything more depressing? No seriously, I'm asking. Sick kittens come to mind. Monkey Town (Mechanical and Non-Mechanical Monkeys) 21
Looooooong Cat Hair Ball Miscellaneous You don't want to be around when these things are being coughed up. Trust me. LoL Catacombs (Looooooong Cat) 1
Loose Leaf Paper Miscellaneous College Ruled! Can be used as paper for Handsy Fore Deck (Krabs); No.2 Deck (Spongeblobs); Hollow Deck (Pierats); Diabolic Dungeons; Bookshelves (Dire-E) 1
Loose Screws Miscellaneous Deranged or just poorly constructed? You decide. Erroneous Position Relative to the Rails 19
Lost Rivet Uncommon Crafting Resource Once used to construct a massive watch tower in a far-off land, now mainly used as centerpieces in Elanthian kitchens Erroneous Position Relative to the Rails 103
Love Potion Miscellaneous Who are you to stand in the way of love, regardless of how artificial and chemically induced it might be? Use Bedbug Love Note on Swedish Twin Bedbugs 5
Mandible Miscellaneous Quite a display of mandibular fortitude Deconstructed from Mound of Mandibles 1
Marauder's Nonplanar Graph Miscellaneous The only thing this will lead you to is a non-existent social life. Rot Topic (Mathemagician) 14
Marshmallow Cheep Quest Item Small, messy, fluorescent. You can almost tell how stale it is just by looking at them. Kitchen of Foul Repute (Marshmallow Creep) 1
Meaty Krab Klaw Miscellaneous Thick and meaty, just like mom used to make! Fore Deck (Krab King) 3
Metallic Casing Metallic Casing Crafting Resource Why, think of all the wondrous things you could put in here! Go on! Think! townshire Junkyard (Iron Munchkin, Flat Albert) Practically Unstoppable Force 8
Mini-Grabber Quest Item Handy for those too lazy to pick things up with, let's say, your hands. Not particularly sturdy though.

Use it to reach boiler handle

Fore Deck (Krabs) 1
Mithril Duct Tape Mithril Duct Tape Crafting Tool Riddle me this: tape made of Mithril for duct repair, or tape for repairing Mithril ducts? Or did I just blow your mind?! Given by Ervin the Nervous Farmhand. 0
Mithril Funnel of Krag'duramas Mithril Funnel of Krag'duramas Crafting Tool Despite its epic origins, it's just a funnel. OR IS IT? Given by Jamie "Savage" Adams. 3
Moldy Keyboard Miscellaneous This was probably used to play off the coolest cats in the Catacombs LOL Catacombs 1
Moongrass Quest Item Someone got a little carried away mowing this stuff. Crop Circles (Aliens) 21
Moreless Miscellaneous Best when deep fried, to maximize your empty calories. Diabolic Dungeon (Big Black Mushroom) 8
Mound of Dirt Crafting Resource This is good soil. Rich soil. Not rich lick money and real estate, but rich like...earthworms. And other things. Quest Item Diabolic Dungeon (Big Black Mushroom, Surprisingly Few Goat-Headed Freaks, Endless Zombie Horde, Infinite Skeleton Legions) 8
Icon mr deads mr blood Mr. Dead's Mr. Blood Crafting Resource Horse blood is the second-rarest type of blood in Elthania, which is why they're giving out four-sleeved tee shirts down at the Nurse's Office. Quest Item for Emomancer Bean Fields (Mr. Dead)
Mysterious Jerky Wrapper Quest Item A seemingly random piece of trash, though the Phantom seems to have a great interest in it. Trash Can
Icon nether tree seeds Nether-Tree Seeds Uncommon Crafting Resource Rumor has it that a Nether-Tree's never actually been seen and that the guy hawking these is playing all of Elanthia for chumps. 103
No-Leafed Clover No-Leafed Clover Uncommon Crafting Resource So is this thing, like, unlucky to carry around, or...? Erroneous Position Relative to the Rails(Hydraulic Hyena) 103
O Miscellaneous It's the letter O, dropped by the O-grr. There's a socket on the back, as though it can be placed somewhere... Learning Center (O-grr) 22
Once-Magical Etchings Miscellaneous It appears as though these came from a once-magical wizard, who wrote them using a once-magical dry erase marker. Man old stuff sucks. Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) 5
One Sock Miscellaneous A lone sock, roaming the world without its mate. How sad. Can be used to create static in static-o-meter (warden cliff) Diabolic Dungeons (Infinite Skeleton Legions) or James Pond
Icon oodles of noodles Oodle of Noodles Consumable Good for healing what ails ya, assuming what ails you can be cured with an oodle of noodles. Heal 116-289 health. Penne Pines 130
Ordinary Chocolate Bar Ordinary Chocolate Bar Crafting Resource No really, we mean it. Hollow Deck (Pierats) or Admiral Snackbar's 8
Paintbrush Paintbrush Miscellaneous It's time you took a step up from using your fingers. Now, you can! 1
Icon potion 01 Parsnip Juice Consumable We promise it's good for you.

Heal 30-40 health.

Oodle of Noodles 20
Partially Digested Straw Hat Partially Digested Straw Hat Miscellaneous Once belonged to the Entirely Digested Farmer. Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) 15
Partially Enruned Bread Crust Uncommon Crafting Resource This was once part of a loaf of unimaginable power. Porkin Patch; Bump N' Grinder (Tony Faux Hawk) 130
Icon peach pierat spice tea Peach Pierat Spice Tea Consumable Just the right mixture of herbs and spices combined with pureed peaches from only the most recently smooshed pierats results in this delightful healing and energizing tea. Recover 12-22 Power and 10-22 Health Fore Deck (Krabs [Rare]); Jumbo Juicer (Ghoulconut) 20
Pelvis Miscellaneous What a silly name for a thing, pelvis. Pelvis pelvis pelvis. Deconstructed from Pile of Pelvises 1
Piece o' Cap'n Cake Miscellaneous Captain Arrr's cake, made from his own secret recipe. A secret you can go to your grave happy for never knowing. Hollow Deck (Pierats) 3
Pieces of Meat Crafting Resourse Hey it really does taste exactly like chicken. Lol Catacombs (Looooooong Cat) Catchew Chicken 1
Pierat Cream Crafting Resource This is actually considered a delicacy by literally no one. Hollow Deck (Pierats) Health-Eclair 1
Pierat Peaches Miscellaneous All that poor little pierat wanted to do was move out of the country with his peaches, in a can, put there by a man, and you had to come ruin everything. Hollow Deck (Pierats) 3
Pierat Shortening Uncommon Crafting Resource Mama's Little Baby appears less interested all of a sudden. 103
Pierat Stomach Quest Item Filled with unspeakable bile. And graham crackers! Hollow Deck (Pierats) N/A
Pile o' Pelvises Crafting Resource Someone cracked a hip. Someone cracked a lot of hips. Diabolic Dungeons (Endless Zombie Horde) ? 5
Pina Ghoulada Miscellaneous ...and getting caught in the rain? Vehicular Mobility Generators (Enemy)
Pinch of Dried Water Uncommon Crafting Resource You'd think this would be more common, wouldn't you? Bookshelves (L-ph) 103
Pixie Fruit Crafting Resource You thought we were just going to make juice out of actual pixies, didn't you? What kind of monsters do you think we are?! Camp Site Elanthia's Own Pixie Juice 14
Icon plank of wood Plank of Wood Crafting Resource Sure it seems worthless now, but during the invasion of the Karate Master Centipedes, you couldn't find a plank of wood to save your LIFE. Mourning Wood (as a zombie) Sandalwood 21
Pleasanton Baked Beans Miscellaneous The perfect compliment to BBQ, these baked beans have an alluring flavor of braaaains....I mean beans. Porkin Patch (Porklettes) 8
Plunging Neckbone Crafting Resource Every year those exposed skeletons get more risqué. Hallways (Maledictorian) ? 15
Pointy Teeth Miscellaneous Almost as dangerous as rabbit teeth, you're sure death would still await you if you were to be on the wrong end of this! ? 1
Poisonberry Crafting Resource Oh, deadly, deadly poisonberry. You'd make such an awesome pie. Or cobbler. Or snobby liquor. Except for that whole 'poison' part. That's a bummer at parties. Eating it causes damage equal to 1% of max health. Hollow Deck (Pierats)
Poorly Sewn Scarf Consumable It's yarn. In the shape of a scarf. I guess. Increases your resistance to Ice Ice Damage by 50% for 1 adventure. Boiler Pit: Cold (Wanderer) 10
Porkin Baster Miscellaneous There still seems to be a little juice left inside... Porkin Patch
Porkin Egg Miscellaneous The only thing weirder than this egg is knowing where it came from. Porkin Patch 8
Porkin Fertilizer Miscellaneous The blend of garlic powder, cracked pepper, and olive oil create the perfect nourishment for growing Porkin. Porkin Patch
Porkin Shovel Porkin Shovel Quest Item You can't pluck Porkin without damaging their tenderness, so farmers have to root 'em out the ol' fashioned way.

Used in Handsy's quest

Porkin Patch (Pigasus) 8
Porkin Wodka Miscellaneous The Porkin are known for two things: eternal hatred of other sentient races, and wodka that causes blindness in schoolchildren. The School Nurse really digs this stuff. Porkin Patch 7
Icon powdered elefino tusk Powdered Elephino Tusk Uncommon crafting resource 'What kind of animal did you say it came from?' Never gets old. 103
Practically Unstoppable Force Quest Item Warning: Aim away from face Can be used to blow open Yii Ol Mine Crafted Item 30
Practicallyfreeium Rare, Level 5 Crafting Resource Unlike other, more reputable systems, the Elanthian Periodic Table doesn't waste time using silly things like 'science' or 'pretty language' to name its constituents 534
Prickly Potato Quest Item There's something weird about this potato. It's almost like it grew all these spikes to keep people from eating it. Pfft, like that's going to stop us. Can be used as a disgusting food in Nutrition Suspicion. Kitchen of Foul Repute (Sentient Laserfries) 1
Icon prison rag Prison Rag What're you in for? Ineffectiveness at cleaning countertops? 1
Pristine Sandalwood Pristine Sandalwood Quest Item Woodworkers everywhere would saw off their own feet for this Crafted from Sandalwood and Angle Grinder 1
Pumpkin Cap Miscellaneous Noodly Grove 10
Purple Julius Miscellaneous You can't help but notice it's an oddly brain-like purple. 15
Quilted Carapace Miscellaneous Bits of other carapaces have been painstakingly sown together to make this precious piece of quiltwork. 5
Rabbit Ears Miscellaneous It's possible these ears came from some rabbit child. It's possible 'hammer down' were the only words she knew. It's more likely that it just came from a regular ol' non-speaking rabbit... but it's possible. Boiler Room: All Temperature settings (Killer Rabbit) 8
Rabbit Ribs Quest Item Grind its bones to make your rose. Boiler Room (Killer Dust Rabbit)
Razor-Sharp Elm Stick Quest Item Were you aware that someone could make a stick this sharp? Sharp enough to shave with? Sharp enough to cut the fog with? No, I bet you weren't. Can be used to remove Sickly Monkey Wrench's arm 8
Red Checkered Blanket Crafting Resource Perfect for laying picnic stuff on. Or coloring black with markers. You know, either one. The Camp Site Black Checkered Flag 17
Refactored Protractor Miscellaneous Someone decided that the regular old protractor wasn't good enough, so they went back to the drawing board. 1
Rep Grinds Miscellaneous Who put these through the damn grinder?! And more importantly, what the @#$% is a rep?! Bump N'Grinder 4
Rollofquarters 1 Roll of Quarters Miscellaneous Now you'll finally have an excuse when you're happy to see someone! Nostalgya 22
Rope Quest Item A wise man once said: 'There's a rope.' And that's what you see here. A rope.

Used in Handsy's quest

No. 2 Deck 1
Rotten (to the) Core Quest Item Collected from fallen Pulp Faction soldiers. Jumbo Juicer
Rune Stone of the Dungeoner Trinket It's said that this stone grants it's owner with miraculous luck and good fortune, but only in the most threatening of encounters. It's also said that people who think rocks have magical powers belong in a ward of some sort, so to each his own. Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) 1625
Runic Doodles Uncommon Crafting Resource Even mystic scribes get bored in class. 103
Sandalwood Crafting Resource Crafted from 1/2 Off Sandal and Plank of Wood Pristine Sandalwood
Savory Gravory Savory Gravory Crafting Resource Savory Gravory will make your family ravory and hurravory every dayvory. The Mangle (Laser Guided Leopard) Savory Meatbrick 12
Icon savory meat brick Savory Meatbrick Consumable Mmmm...a massive, chargrilled brick o' meat. Just what the cardiologist ordered. Heal 400-700 health. The Mangle (Erroneous Position Relative to the Rails); Reward(x2) after defeating Dire Pudding 410
Icon scary mask Scary Mask Crafting Resource His spirit and her voice, in one combined. Prize Shoppe (600 Generi-tickets) Porkin and Mask
Scrap o'Meat Crafting Resource Hey, even horrific cybernetic animal hybrids gotta eat! Curiously Quiet Thicket, Erroneous Position Relative To Trail Savory Meatbrick
Semi-Precious Amber Grits Semi-Precious Amber Grits Miscellaneous These grits were kept warm under a very high-power Amber Lamp, don't you know. Mourning Wood (Zombie Whale) 2500
Sea Pineapple Miscellaneous You ever hear the one about the sea pineapple diet? Nevermind. SS Deckjoke 1
Shard of Carbonite Miscellaneous He's apparently just carrying these around in his pockets. Camp Site (Jabba Job) 19
Shattered Ceiling Tile Miscellaneous You consider telling everyone the sky is falling, but you know better. LOLCatacombs (Manhole Cat) 1
Icon skeletal key Skeletal Key Miscellaneous Not to be confused with a Skeleton Key, which would actually be useful. You've seen this sized keyhole somewhere though... Unlocks Sophomore Lockers (Pleasanton) Hallways (Any) 1
Icon skeletal remains Skeletal Remains Miscellaneous If I had red hair and solved murders, this would be the time where I dramatically put on my sunglasses and say something witty like 'Well Frank, looks like that's one closet missing its skeleton.' Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) 5
Icon skull Skull Miscellaneous Yeah, that's right. It's just a skull. It's not zany or wacky in any way at all. You have any idea how many items are in this game?! CUT ME SOME SLACK. Deconstructed from Stack of Skulls 1
Slightly Bent Moonbeam Uncommon Crafting Resource I knew a girl by that name, once. Free-spirited, if a bit daft. Captain Willy Jack - Slackninja; Orzo Oaks; Hollow Deck (Piece of Pierat); Porkin Patch (Run of the Mill Porkin) 103
Slimy Ruler Miscellaneous Once, it was proudly used to measure things. Now...not so much. Diabolic Dungeons (Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube) 7
Skirt Steak Miscellaneous This is the kind of skirt you need to take out to dinner first. Or eat for dinner, anyway. Trash Can 14
Snapecall Whistle Miscellaneous A brief toot reveals that it sounds like 'angst and bitter'. 1
Sparkle Lotion Consumable Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Lotion! Activation: Sparkle Lotion. Pledge your life to Sparkle Lotion! Or your child's life, whatever. Increases your resistance to sparkle damage by 50% for 3 turns Sophomore Locker
Sparkling White Glove Miscellaneous This is it. Adventure in Diabolic Dungeons as a Zombie until you get Endless Zombie Horde event 12
Spencer's Gift Miscellaneous You don't have a clue who Spencer is, but he is all about some fart jokes. Pleasanton: Rot Topic (Weemo), Punk Zombie 15
SPF 666 SPF 666 Consumable Sunblock... FROM HELL. Increases your resistance to Hot Hot Heat Damage by 50% for 3 adventures. Boiler Pit: Hot (Wanderer)
Icon spoiled lime helmet Spoiled Lime Helmet Miscellaneous Tiny fruit makes surprisingly durable equipment. Mango elbow pads are already in development. Diabolic Dungeons (Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube -> Dive In!) 1
Spoiled Mayo Crafting Resource Can be used as a disgusting food in Nutrition Suspicion. Pantry of Ill Omen Wake-Up Juice
Icon spooky flashlight Spooky Flashlight Trinket Well, the flashlight isn't spooky itself... I guess it depends on how you use it... and where... Allows you to go down into the Janitor's Closet Adventure in the Diabolic Dungeon
Squeal-Proof Ear Buds Crafting Resource Have you ever had to endure the noise these things makes when they go ripe? I didn't think so. Porkin Patch (Run of the Mill Porkin) ?
Stack o' Skulls Miscellaneous Who knew they could stack so neatly? Someone did. Diabolic Dungeons (Infinite Skeleton Legions)
Icon sticky bowling shoes Sticky Bowling Shoes Trinket While they're probably not appropriate for bowling anymore, they would almost let you walk up a wall. Crafted item 20
Sticky Lolzipop Miscellaneous It looks like there is cat hair clinging to it. Ewww! Lol Catacombs (Sewer Walrus) 1
Icon still frozen dinner Still-Frozen Dinner Consumable You gonna eat the brownie? Grants the using character increased Zip and Charm for fifteen adventures. Zip It Good! Quest Reward 2
Icon skin flake of the stone giant Stone Giant Skin Flake Uncommon crafting resource Give these guys a break, alright? Do you have any idea what the moisture levels are like 320 yards up in the sky? I didn't think so. Curiously Quiet Thicket 103
String of Yarn Crafting Resource You could probably string two of these together to make a longer piece. Subtle crafting clue, for the win! Lol Catacombs (Manhole Cat, Looooooooongcat)/Deconstructed from Fancy Striped Sweater

Length Of Yarn

Practically Unstoppable Force

Sun-Dried Pixie Wing Uncommon Crafting Resource For that extra level of CRUNCH. Boiler Pit: Just Right/Cold (Pixie Dust Bunny) 103
Superlative Daisy Uncommon Crafting Resource This one time, a guy chained like a thousand of these together, spent years of his life collecting them... And when he at long last linked them all together, nothing happened. Porkin Patch (ESDA Choce Porkin) 103
Suspiciously Smelly Mud Miscellaneous It's mud, alright? That's our story and we're sticking to it. Damned Dirty Apes (Monkeys) 11
Svelte Emo Poemo Rare Crafting Resource for Enchantments This one's called 'Blackened Spiral of Torment.' Wait, where's everyone going?

Pleasanton (Zombie Hunters)

Porkin Patch (Pigasus)

Svelte Pertinacious-D Rare Crafting Resource for Enchantments This is the greatest and best item in the world.


Sweaty Sweatpants Miscellaneous The worst part is: the pants seem to be generating their own sweat. Kitchen of Foul Repute (Milkshake of Indeterminate Flavor) 7
Tangenterine Miscellaneous Tangenterines don't fall from trees. They think about it, and then they start telling that story about that time at the roller derby when that one girl rolled over that other girl's face and...what were we talking about again? 8
Tarnished Calendar Miscellaneous Red ink is circled around 'Caturday the 12th.' Lol Catacombs (Carnivorous Cake)
Tatters Miscellaneous You're well on your way to Hobo Royalty! May be used in Static-o-Meter De-constructed from Tick-Infested Ticking 1
Tattered Office Poster Miscellaneous 'Hang in there!' it reads, in a bright text. Positively motivational! Lol Catacombs 1
Tainted Ward Consumable A mystical device, teeming with Anti-Taint energy. Increase your resistance to Taint by 50% for 3 adventures. Junior Lockers
Icon chesters super-hot hot sauce Teriyucky Sauce Crafting Resource Can be used as a disgusting food in Nutrition Suspicion. Pantry of Ill Omen Catchew Chicken
Tick-Infested Ticking Miscellaneous Just to keep you from having to look it up, ticking is something that you cover a mattress with. As for the ticks—they're bloodsucking fiends. Also, that thing about the lighter and the vaseline? Not true. Tweezers and rubbing alcohol. That's all you need. And you thought this game was nothing but lame jokes. Bed Bugs 2
Icon tin gel Tin Gel Crafting Resource All the joys of chewing aluminum foil, in a handy gel-like consistency! Pantry of Ill Omen Tin Gel Hat 1
Ton 'o Ticks Miscellaneous Well, you've got a bit of a problem on your hands now. Whoops, now it's in your hands. De-constructed from Tick-Infested Ticking 3
Torn Garments Miscellaneous A rarely discussed side-effect of zombie-ism? Hatred of all clothings. Pleasanton 15
Toy Pistol Crafting Resource I'd like to see you score a headshot on an anthropomorphic piece of braunschweiger. Prize Booth (300 Generi-Tickets) Porkin and Pistol 1
Tricontakaiheptagon Uncommon crafting resource Because sometimes, there are thirty-six choices too many. Bump N' Grinder (Tony Faux Hawk) 103
Tumblewheat Miscellaneous Maybe you can refine this into tumbleflour and make tumblebread. Crop Circles 17
Tysonberry Punch Consumable Nothing packs a punch like Tysonberry punch! Made from only the freshest Tysonberries, because everybody knows, the older those Tysonberries get, the more bloated and bitter they become. Recover 20-32 power & heal 78-126 health. Bean Field (Chicken a la Lich); Hallways (Dodgebowler) 130
Unlucky Rabbit's Foot Oh sure, it might be lucky to you, but not the rabbit, I assure you. Can be used to statically charge Boiler pit: Just right (Violently dust off Dusty Dust Bunny) 8
Useless Application Miscellaneous Ever wanted to display your favorite songs based on the barometric pressure on the day they were recorded? If this application did anything at all, it would probably be at least that useless. Pleasanton (Zombie Hunters) 12
Untidy whities Miscellaneous These whities have seen better days. And better owners. And better everything, pretty much. Fore Deck (Jockey Krab) 2
Untied Lawlerskate Miscellaneous True lawls can only be achieved in pairs. Lol Catacombs (Sewer Walrus) 7
Vampine Fang Miscellaneous The tool of that insatiable hunger, the juicelust. Vehicular Mobility Generators (Vampineapple)
Vendor Trash Miscellaneous This would be a lot funnier if we didn't it too. Sar Chasm 17
Icon vial of unicorn tears Vial of Unicorn Tears Uncommon Crafting Resource Someone ought to be ashamed of themselves: though, to be fair, unicorns cry over just about everything. Kitchen of Foul Repute (Milkshake of Indeterminate Flavor); Bookshelves (D-mon) 103
Vile Vial of Bile Miscellaneous A vial filled to the brim with Ctchewlu's drippings. You have a sneaking suspicion that this could eat through some stout obstacles. Culinary Cauldron (Ctchewlu) 10
Vorpal Tooth Miscellaneous Great for munching on snicker-snacks! 8
Icon wall post Wall Post Miscellaneous All in all it's just another post on the wall. Full Service Gas Station (Slackninja) 6
Walrus Bucket Upgrade Now YOU has a bucket! Use in your dorm room to change your Vault. (+10 more item space in Vault) Lol Catacombs (Sewer Walrus) 1
WD-39 Uncommon Crafting Resource They're still working on it. 103
Wee Pegleg Quest Item It's a wee pegleg. Made for wee little people. It's not frickin' huge, or even not so wee. It's definitely...just wee. Used in Handsy's quest Hollow Deck (Pierats) 1
Well-Oiled Spring Miscellaneous A couple dozen of these, some feathers, a blanket—you could make yourself something almost tolerable for your dorm room! townshire Junkyard (Abstract Sculpture) 8
Icon wet noodle Wet Noodle This noodle was retrieved from the Frozen Bowl, home to the world's coldest chicken noodle soup. 8
Whipped Cream Crafting Resource This is what happens when cream doesn't know its place. In addition to being very obedient, it looks delicious and soothing. Mitigate the effects of acid; Quest item for Mathemagician Kitchen of Foul Repute (Marshmallow Creeps); Hollow Deck (Pierats) 40
White Paint Drippings Miscellaneous Messy, yes. Morally messy, perhaps. Graffiti Wall 21
Winged Nut Miscellaneous Not to be confused with a wingnut, which would actually be useful, as opposed to just flying away all the time. The Mangles 19
Icon wolf digit Wolf Digit Miscellaneous One! One wolf digit! Ah, ah, ah! 8
Wriggly Tentacle Uncommon Crafting Resource Considering its presumed distance from whatever owned it, its wriggling is quite persistent.

Bookshelves (Y-vern) Porkin Patch

The Bump 'N Grinder (5 fubar footlong)

Y Miscellaneous It's the letter Y, dropped by the Y-vern. There's a socket on the back, as though it can be placed somewhere... Learning Center (Y-vern) 22
Icon zippity doodad2 Zippity Doodad Rare Crafting Resource for Enchantments My oh my what a wonderful...doodad. Porkin Patch 306
Zombean Zombean These beans are one of the main ingredients in Zello. items for zombie-fication Bean Field
Zombie Fossil Fuel Refined from the finest zombie stegosauruses Elanthia had to offer. Gas Pump Station
Icon zombie hunter seal Zombie Hunter Seal Quest item Either they're all the victim of a staggering fashion coincidence or all of the Zombie Hunters intentionally carry this small pin with them. Only time will tell. Quest Item Pleasanton (Zombie Hunters) 8
Icon zombie teeth Zombie Teeth Hopefully you found these on the ground and not lodged in your own skull. 15
Zombie Wallet Miscellaneous Not much going on here except for the FBI badge. Federal Brain Inspector. Pleasanton HS (Lunch Lady) 15
Zomelette Zomelette Miscellaneous When life hands you zombie eggs... Bean Fields (Zombovine) 1


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