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It Don't Take No Guff
The Road is really hard. It's also really, really difficult. Fight your way through it to the ominous castle!
Salacious e
This is just a tribute
Given By Salacious E
Level 14-15
Location P2F Recording Studio
Rewards 220 XP; 225 Fubars
Previous Next
Magical Mixer-y Tour Reunion Tour
Steal Guitar


JB, in a surprisingly solemn tone, stares into the distance and says, "You've found...The Road. The sweet mistress of all who bow to worship the ROCK. And beyond it, in the ominous castle, lies the key to finishing our beloved album."
He whirls and faces you. "Think ABOUT IT, man! In that castle is everything wrong with the album, everything keeping it from being the greatest ROCK creation in the history of Elanthia! You've got to get in there. Fight down The Road until you reach it!"

Fight Your Way Through The Road!


Return to Guitar-Shredding Werewolf Explosion, through the Magic Mixer, and spend 5 adventures in The Road after that spends another adventure to encounter the devil, either join him or refuse to join him. If you refuse, you'll get the quest Reunion Tour, but if you join with the devil you'll get the quest Steal Guitar.

These two quests are basically identical in mechanics. If you choose Steal Guitar, you will have to battle Salacious E, a level 15 monster resistant to autotune damage and susceptible to ice-ice damage. The next quest is Solocraft III, which is basically identical to Soloable.

Quest CompletionEdit

Notification header quest complete
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui bottom

Just as you're about to reach the Gateway to the Castle, you hear a strange sound and smell that distinctive smell of an Imminent Interruption.
You gain 220-231 experience!
You gain 225-235 fubars!

The Shiny DemonEdit

Shiny demon
All of a sudden, with a "POOF!" of acrid smoke, a demon appears in the middle of The Road! A rather shiny one.
AND HE SAID, "A new hero to brave The Road? You were sent here by those fools Salacious E, no doubt. They don't understand the awesome power of their own ROCK. Perhaps you, my friend, are more reasonable."
"I am here to present you with a choice, as all road-based demons are required to do by law. Continue your blind loyalty to The E, and cleanse this place of foulness such as, well, myself, or ally with me and we'll claim the awesome power of ROCK as our own!"
"What say you?"
>>> Long Live Salacious E!
>>> Deal with the Devil, eh? I've always wanted one of those!


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