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Hit the Grind Running
I remember when I was a kid they just called it Sexual Innuendo Nightclub. How times have changed.
Keeper of the bar bumpn grinder
Here, everyone knows your name...isn't that a frightening thought?
Given By The Bump 'N Grinder Poster
Location A&Q Tavern
Rewards Experience, fubars, healing consumables

Before QuestEdit

You glance at a poster for The Bump 'N Grinder on a wall near the bar. In bright letters clearly created by a Graphic Design degree holder, the poster highlights the amazing times students of your age and gender are likely to have should they attend. The Barkeep eyes you as he wipes down his counter.
"That place is the devil, <name>. They steal my business all the time, and it makes me livid. Why don't you head down there and mop up a few of the attendees? There's one group in particular that really grinds my gears - the <BnG creature>. Take one of them out and I'll make it worth your while."

Defeat a <BnG creature>

During QuestEdit

The poster on the wall seems just as inviting as ever:
"The Bump 'N Grinder- A rather neat place for college kids who want to experiment*."
*Experiment refers to scientific testing. The founder of the Bump 'N Grinder was a Mathemagician, and a fairly dense one at that. Unfortunately these posters ain't free, so we made an addendum to the existing poster rather than making an entirely new one.'


This one's easy. Simply waltz over to the Bump 'N Grinder and start adventuring. It's advised you do this quest along with Grind Their Bones to Get Your Exp! (Daily), since it's almost inevitable that you'll grind 10 kills before you find your mark.

After QuestEdit

"Good work, <name>. If you're interested in making some quick cash, come on back tomorrow.I'm sure another of those ingrates'll have me mad as Hell."



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