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Herb mccleavagin

Herb and Spices


Th-th-th that's all for that porkin, folks.


Will not appear until Notorious P.I.G. quest "Bringin' Home the Bacon" is complete.


The Bread Basket > Bacon Acres > Pork Chop Shop


Name Cost
Aging Garlic Powder 17
Triple Spice Blend 17
Sweet and Smokey Spice Rub 21
P.I.G.'s Secret Spices 26
Pineapple Rings 26
Sour Sprinklins' 31
recipe: Meat Puppet Pet 35

Tip: Use Sweet and Smokey Spice Rub and P.I.G's Secret Spices in the Porkin Coop to hatch more ESDA Porkins.


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