Happy Little Hand Turkeys (Part 2)
Happy Day of the Turkey!
Hand turkey
Hand Turkey
Given By Prof. Mossel Bobross
Location Art Department, Liberal Arts, Fantasy University
Rewards 19 XP
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Happy Little Hand Turkeys (Part 1) Happy Little Hand Turkeys (Part 3)

Before QuestEdit

“Ah, this will do nicely <name>. Now I feel I should tell you something…” The professor’s voice gets faint as he continues, “…in the interest of full disclosure.” The squirrel’s eyes dart around nervously. Oh boy.

“This won’t be an ordinary Hand Turkey, <name>. I’m going to use a little ‘artistic expression’ to make him come to life. Why do such a thing, you ask? Let’s just say that there’s been a little incident, and when it comes to turkeys, it’s best to fight fire with fire.” Bobross’s head tilts creepily.

“You only need two things for a Hand Turkey- a healthy hand and a writing implement. Now luckily you haven’t had Professor Choppinbit’s Anatomy class yet, so you should be good to go there. For the drawing agent, just scrounge up whatever you can find- I know these things don’t grow on happy little trees.”


Any writing implement should work (paintbrush, etc.). The easiest way to get one is to buy a Manual Pencil from Skool Suplies.


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