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Grind Their Bones To Get Your Exp!
The Keeper of the Bar wants you to enter the Bump 'N Grinder and get to grindin'!
Keeper of the bar
The Keeper would as soon serve you a cold shoulder as a frosty beer. The say he had friends one. But that was before...The Accident.
Given By The Keeper of the Bar
Location A&Q Tavern
Rewards Experience and Fubars

Before QuestEdit

"What'll it be, <class>?"

You stare blankly at the Keeper of the Bar. He does realize you're like twelve years old, right? Wait, how old are you supposed to be again? Isn't this a college...? Whatever.

"Ah, you're not here for a drink, are you kid? Nah, you're here for some adventure. I've got just the thing for you. There's a club in Lower Townshire called "The Bump 'N Grinder"; real dirty place, nowhere near my level. The place has been stealing my business and I won't stand for it. Why don't you head down there and 'persuade' some of the party goers for me? A nice kick to the face should do the trick."


Kill any 10 creatures at The Bump 'N Grinder


Pretty straightforward. Defeat any 10 monsters at the BnG in Slumville, Townshire.

After QuestEdit

"Good job <name>! I heard about your work down at the Bump 'N Grinder. I don't have much to offer other than some student-friendly tonics, but here you go. If you like 'em well enough, come on back tomorrow - I'm sure those Grinder losers will need to be taught another lesson."


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