Get Your Brawl On
Visit Botches O'Mulligan in the Gymnauseum
Botches omulligan
Botches O'Mulligan
Given By Amma Terraneo
Prerequisites The Secretary Will See You Now
Level Any
Location The Office
Rewards 30 XP, 20 Fubars
Previous Next
The Secretary Will See You Now Last Seen on a Milk Carton

Amma TerraneoEdit

"You really need to meet the Dean of Dodgebrawlers," Amma says, brushing aside a stray calico. "I'm sure he'll would love to see you!" She smiles pleasantly as the cat on her head looks down at you, its eyes narrowed.

"You can find Botches O'Mulligan at the Gymnauseum. Tell him you're his new student, and that Amma sent you!"


Visit Botches O'Mulligan.

Botches O'MulliganEdit

Botches O'Mulligan scowls at you, the only expression his contorted visage seems capable of. "Fantastic!" he wheezes. "Another panty waist newbie! I hope you're ready to get started, because Botches O'Mulligan waits for no man! Or woman! Or florgmun!"

You wait with bated breath for the certainly gripping explanation of what a "florgmun" is, but no such luck.


Last Seen on a Milk Carton
Visit the Detentionkeeper in the Detention Dungeon.
Detention dungeon
Detention Dungeon
Given By Botches O'Mulligan
Prerequisites Get Your Brawl On
Level Any
Location Gymnauseum
Rewards 35 XP, 30 Fubars
Previous Next
Get Your Brawl On Little Boy Lost

Botches O'Mulligan bounces a ball as he says, "Two weeks ago I sent one of my students down to the Detention Dungeon for...disciplinary reasons. He hasn't come back. And now his parents have the nerve to ask for evidence of their precious wittle boy before they'll send us more tuition money." Botches sneers. "Buncha mush-heads!"

"So do me a favor, and go talk to the Detentionkeeper. Maybe he knows what happened to the kid."

"And here, wear a proper uniform! You're probably gonna want the protection."

You receive some Leatherhead Armor!


Visit the Detentionkeeper.

The DetentionkeeperEdit

The Detentionkeeper eyes you. "Student not here," he says slowly. "But...I know where you can find him."

Note the wording here. Where YOU can find him.


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