Get Off My Lawn
Doc Cliff wants you to get some of those pesky aliens out of his backyard!
Warden cliff
Warden Cliff, playing the crotchety old man cliche to its fullest, needs you to get some aliens off his lawn.
Given By Warden Cliff
Level  ?
Location Warden Cliff's Tower
Rewards Deluxe Capacitor, XP, Fubars


"CAPACITORS! I adore capacitors! I've got one I think will be perfect for you, but...well, these gizmos are like my children. I can't just give it to you. Perhaps you can help me with another problem...?"
An errand within an errand?! You need to go deeper!
Warden Cliff gestures outside the tower towards the fields outside. "Those damn aliens keep wandering up and sniffing around my lab! If you could smack them around for me, show them who's boss, I'll be glad to give you one of my precious Capacitors!"

Defeat Crop Circle Aliens for Warden Cliff!



During QuestEdit

"Great Scott, <name>' are those critters off my lawn yet? There's precious inventing to do!"

Quest CompletionEdit

Warden Cliff is cackling gleefully as you return. "I watched your delightful fisticuffs from here, you magnificent <class> you! You've more than earned this. Bravo!"
3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui bottom
Icon deluxe capacitator You receive a Deluxe Capacitor!
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar

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