Fridge of Parental Adoration

The Fridge of Parental Adoration


You approach a bizarre refrigerator in the corner of the Art Room. The chains binding it shut cause your mind to wander... Hellish egg salad sandwiches? A freezer burnt sirloin ripped straight from Professor Framingham's nightmares?! What about a turkey club sandwitch with only lettuce, cheese and mayo? We wish, but our artists won't let us come up with funny food creatures anymore.

Anyway, this Fridge is used to showcase the greatest work of art the students of F.U. can come up with. Maybe one day your masterpieces will be on display here, but for now the only thing this fridge is managing to do is seriously throw off the Feng Shui of the place.


Fantasy University > Liberal Arts > Art Department > The Fridge of Parental Adoration

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