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This is a Bread Basket quest

Flattering Child You Shall Know Me
Find Pristine in the Sausage Festival and deliver the Phantom's Rose.
[[Mystery Meat|150px]]
The Mystery Meat, at the back of the Sausage Festival, wants you to check the front for his meaty love.
Given By Mystery Meat
Prerequisites Compete Stranger Than You Dreamt It
Location Sausage Tunnel of Love
Rewards 32+115 Experience, 90 Fubars, 25 Generi-Tickets
Previous Next
Stranger Than You Dreamt It Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again


She can be found at The Bread Basket > Bacon Acres > Sausage Festival > Boudin Noir


Mystery MeatEdit

She walks among the masses, a diamond in the rough. An angel, shining like a beacon against the undeserving filth. Find her. See to it she gets this rose."
You contemplate pointing out that his 'rose' is nothing more than a riblet of rabbit with a note tied to the bone by a piece of yarn. But then you realize that questioning this raises the further question of why you're actually helping him, so it's really not worth it.

Find Pristine in the Sausage Festival and deliver the Phantom's Rose.

Icon phantoms rose You received Phantom's Rose

Boudin NoirEdit

Pristine dry-aged
You pass by Boudin Noir as you continue searching for this mystery girl the Phantom has been going on about. With nothing to go on but a beef jerky wrapper, you continue aimlessly wandering the spot her.
You approach cautiously, not wanting to spook the fair maiden. She notices you and says, "Hello, I don't think we've met. My name is Pristine, Pristine Dry-aged. Can I help you with something?"

My 'friend' wanted you to have this...

You hand Pristine the Phantom's Rose. She accepts it graciously, asking, "But...who is this from, stranger?"
Without hesitation, you reply,
"The Angel of Meat."

Receive 32 Experience

Make a shadowy, dramatic escape!

Return to Mystery MeatEdit

"How did it go, child?! Tell me everything!"


Icon generic ticket 25x Generi-Ticket

115 Experience

90 Fubars



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