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Fish in a Barrel


Townshire > Upper Townshire > A Really Nice Park > James Pond > Fish in a Barrel


Going fishing costs 1 AP.

Every Day Dog the Bounty Fish will have a bounty on a different fish and he will give fubars and experience in exchange for them.

There are three levels of each fish type, Average (7 fubars), Exceptional (10) and Trophy (14). They are listed here by their names only. Any Exceptional or Trophy Fish can be used for the Better, Stronger, Faster (Daily) quest.

You can catch :

  • 2001 lb Goldfish
  • Angler fish
  • Blofish
  • Blue Fish
  • Calamari Damacy
  • Cheap Energy Candy
  • Clown Fish
  • Coy fish
  • Fsh
  • Justafish
  • Monk Fish
  • Oafish
  • Package of Fishsticks
  • Red fish
  • Wanda
  • and various other items when your fishing line gets tangled. (Cheap Energy Candy, One Sock, Parsnip Juice, Rope)
    Iron Boots (Only during Mourning Wood), Pointy Stick (does not stack)

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