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Life On The FarmEdit

"Well howdy! If you're new to Porkin farming, there are a few rules-
Rule 1: You are encouraged to visit every day. And by encouraged I mean I use scare tactics and peer pressure to essentially force you to visit out of sheer terror that you will lose all sense of accomplishment in your life if you don't.
Rule 2: You can't get anywhere in farming on your own. Despite having the knowledge, resources and time to do a job yourself, for some magical reason you must instead beg total strangers to do it for you.
Rule 3: Find homes for all stray cows. It's just good karma.
"Well, I guess that's pretty much it! Oh, but if you actually want to fertilize the Porkin eggs, just go up to them and use whatever you've got. If you think you find a good one while out exploring, come back and give it a try! The better the fertilizer you give the eggs, the higher chance they'll grow up into ESDA Choice Porkin when they hatch in the farm!"
> Neat, I'm gonna go try!


  • Reference to Farmville


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