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Fanstasy University™ is a browser-based multiplayer role playing game, that you can play on Facebook and Kongregate. It is designed by Simutronics, and was released to the public in open beta on October 19, 2010.


You start off as a new student at Fantasy University, in the fictional land of Elanthia. Everywhere you turn, in the game world, you will find a multitude of bizarre characters, items and quests, generally parodies of pop-culture references, and popular memes.

General GameplayEdit

All through the game, you will receive a limited, replenishing supply of Adventure Points that allow you to travel in areas and fight monsters.

As in all turn-based RPGs, you will recieve quests, fight enemies and gain Experience Points, that will allow you to level up. Items can be created through the crafting system. Items and their crafting recipes can be dropped by enemies or be earned through quests.

The game's BFF feature allows you to add up to six of your Facebook or Kongregate Friends as BFFs. BFFs have many advantages: each BFF allows you to carry additional items, reduces the replentishing time of you Adventure Points by 50 seconds, and will occasionally perform a special action in combat, depending on their class.

... More GameplayEdit

As of April 2011, the game features a Player Vs Player system, where you can challenge and/or humiliate other players.

Other features in the game include Guilds, Guild Raids (multiplayer quests), Pets, Achievements and more.


Fantasy University™ uses a virtual currency system: Hero Points. You may purchase Hero Points in order to acquire additional storage space, special items, and other benefits in the Hero Shop.

Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

Please see F.A.Q.

Getting StartedEdit

The following pages should help you get a grasp on how the game works.


"If anything could be called a Team Project, then Fantasy University™ would be it! Everyone contributed at most every level of the design, inspiration, humor and visual feel of this epic adventure. Having said that, here is the team and the main hat they wore when not playing practical jokes on each other. We can all proudly say, "FU, buddy, F freakin' U"."

Simutronics CorporationEdit

The Vision Monger
  • David Whatley (The Vision Monger)
Project Manager and Scrum Master
  • Eric Slick (Project Manager and Scrum Master)
Lead Code Monkey and Software Design
  • Chris "Skippy" Moore (Lead Code Monkey and Software Design)
Code Monkeys
  • Michael Madison
  • Eric Slick
  • Mike Anderson
  • Brett Sweeney
  • Jeff Addams
  • Mike Paddock
  • Aaron Standridge

Intern Code Monkey

  • Chris Jacobson
Lead Artist and Visual Style Director
  • Tracy Butler
Art Monkeys
  • Candy Janney
  • Josh Stover
  • Chris Ready
Writing and Humor (laugh, damn you!)
  • Nathan Lutz
  • Josh Erwin
  • Andrew Bott
Core Creative Design
  • David Whatley
  • Chris "Skippy" Moore
  • Nathan Lutz
  • Josh Erwin
  • Eric Latham
  • Tracy Butler
  • Josh Stover
  • Steph Shaver
  • Andrew Bott
Design Contributors
  • Eric Slick
  • Jeff Addams
  • Candy Janney
  • Elonka Dunin
  • Stephen Hmiel
  • Travis Jenkins
  • Chris Owens
Design Interns
  • Jeff Aldrich
  • Tucker Sherry
Special Art Contributons
  • Eric Latham
  • Nathan Lutz
  • Spenser Tate Moore
  • Lauren Ratcliff
  • Amanda Walker
HTML Monkey
  • Jeff Adams
Customer Service Monkey Manager
  • Chris Metzener
Customer Service Monkey and Soda Jerk
  • Michael Niemeyer
Quality Assurance Mistress
  • Elonka Dunin
Quality Assurance Monkey
  • Stephen Hmiel
Quality Assurance Helperbots
  • Chris Owens
  • Ryan Hamilton
  • Travis Jenkins
  • JJ Sturgeon
  • Sam Mosely
Office Manager & Cat Herder
  • Tamma Speraneo
IT Manager ... tag, you're IT!
  • Elizabeth Brown
Vice President Business Development & Stuff
  • Mike Wadley

TriplePoint PREdit

Flack Queen
  • Wendy Beasley
Flack Ninjas
  • Chris Heintz
  • Andy Rosenberg
  • John O'Leary


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