The BasicsEdit

You gain experience each time you complete quests or beat an enemy. Once your experience bar is full, your character can pass on to the next level.

Certain locations will not allow you to travel there unless you are a certain level. For example: you need to be level 5 in order to travel to Townshire.

Experience points required for each levelEdit

Character Level XP Required to next level
1 30
2 128
3 330
4 672
5 1,190
6 1,920
7 2,898
8 4,160
9 5,742
10 7,680
11 10,010
12 12,768
13 15,990
14 19,712
15 23,970

Report CardEdit

Each time you gain a level, you will get a report card, stating all the quests you have done and the number of creatures you have slain. You also get a commentary about your performances:

Missing commentaries


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