This is the new design of the enemies page
We have started using data templates so that the info will be updated on all pages that use it (as opposed to having to update the info on each page seperately)


The enemies' info is called from the data templates (which are divided according to areas)
Template:EnemiesDBFU (Fantasy University area),
Template:EnemiesDBTS (Townshire area),
Template:EnemiesDBBB (Bread Basket area),
Template:EnemiesDBPT (Pleasanton area),
Template:EnemiesDBTW (Trainwreck area) and
Template:EnemiesDBNG (Nostalgya area)
the page uses data retrieving templates to call the data from the data templates
because the pages retrieve a lot of data from other pages it is necessary to minimize the number of queries (if not a node-count error might appear, conditionals also add to the node count), for this reason we use several data retrieving templates that only call the data relevant to the specific enemy.
Template:EntryReg for enemies with damagetypes, special attack and MiscInfo,
Template:EntryDnS for enemies with damagetypes, special attack (without MiscInfo),
Template:EntryLite for enemies with damagetypes (without special attack and MiscInfo),
Template:EntryNL for enemies with damagetypes, special attack and MiscInfo (no loot column),
Template:EntryLiteNL for enemies with damagetypes (without special attack and MiscInfo + no loot column)
Template:EntryJJ for the jumbo juicer (chooses between before quest and after quest)

Editor's noteEdit

Feel free to contact me at my talk page (Fearfeasa MacFeasa)
Many thanks to Theletter who helped me a lot with advice, coding and entering the data into the data templates
and to vegeance for not killing me yet^^

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