Dr mac dreamy


"Hey! How are you doing?" Dr. Mac Dreamy, the campus' resident veterinarian says with a smile. "You're lucky you stopped by when you did; I had an appointment slated with some Mathemagician's pet frog...but it croaked!"' He looks at you expectantly, but only crickets chirp in the background. "...Yikes, tough crowd!" he gulps.

"Regardless, I can squeeze your pet in for a quick checkup if you'd like. I can buff your pet, dog!" he smiles. "As opposed to buffing your pet dog!"

Even the crickets are silent.

>>>Sure, more puns

>See you later, alligator


Fantasy University > Student Local Union No. 98 > Nurse's Office.


Dr. Mac Dreamy claps his hands. "Well, your pet is looking better than ever! It's strong as a horse, healthy as an ox, and as tumultuous as a fledgling badgerdragon! If it were a kitty, it would be..." he pauses for dramatic effect. "...the picture of purrfect health!"
His laughter is cut short as a rabid Tickle-Me Hobo stumbles out from its cage and bites his ankle. He cries out in pain, and, figuring that this is a job for trained animal specialists, you leave him to his fate, err, job.
Heavy Petting
This buff increases your pet's damage output by 100% for a six adventures. Although it says five in the INFOWNED box.
Mac dreamy
The buff will still apply even if you change your pet after that.

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