Devil eggs

Devil EggsEdit


There are several reasons to avoid these evil eggs. At least half a dozen, I'd say


Fantasy University > Forbidden Larder > Pantry of Ill Omen


Level 4

Resistant to GLOOMY DOOM damage.
Susceptible to SPARKLE damage.
Deals TAINT damage with basic attacks.

More information

Special AttackEdit

That sad egg in the back? Yeah, it knew the others were going to throw it at some adventurer eventually. Splat! You take # damage and are nauseated by the smell of rotten egg!
(Your attacks will do 50% less damage until your Durability overcomes this effect.)


Special: Rotten Eggs
Effect: Damage Output Decreased 50.0%
Duration: Durability saves


Item drops
14 Experience
13 fubars


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