Now that this wiki has more than 300 pages, it may be good to implement some sort of Système international. This would not only look nice and neat, but would also readers and contributors easier access to information. This page is dedicated to laying out and planning formats pages that currently or should exist in the wiki. Again, this is not intended to be a sort of rubric that grades how neat a page is, but rather a basic layout to start from so that we don't have to keep reinventing a wheel. This page is a work in progress so feel free to change anything, but in turn don't be surprised if someone else does the same.

Here is the list of pages that really ought to be standardized:

Here is the list of pages that could be standardized:

  • Specific items
  • Special events
  • Locations
  • NPC's
  • Quests
  • Abilites


Here is the information that any given item should have:

  • A name
  • A price (if sellable)
  • An effect or use (if known)
  • A picture or icon
  • A method of obtaining (if known)
  • A description

Here is the most popular "standard" format for items:

Name Description Effect Location Value

Here is a suggested standard format for items:

Name Image Description Effect Location Value


Here is the information that any given enemy should have:

  • A name
  • A description (probably should not be included with name, as the enemy may have more than one description)
  • A level (or level range)
  • A range of HP
  • A range of furbars given
  • A range of experience given
  • A list of known items dropped (and if the item is dropped every time, uncommonly, rarely, or requires certain conditions, like an ongoing quest, to be fulfilled)
  • A location or method of encoutering (for example, you may always potentially encounter a Sentinent Lasefries in the Pantry of Ill Omen, but you can only encounter the Marshmallow Sneak during the Hallow the Mallow quest, and you can only encounter puddings during the special event.)
  • Resistances and weaknesses
  • The damage range and type of its primary (or basic) attack
  • Any other attacks (if applicable)
  • Any abilities that work on the monster in question, but not in general, such as tame (if applicable)
  • Any other noteworthy information (if applicable)

Things worth figuring out:

  • Are Enemies of different levels, descriptions, and/or drops but with the same names actually the same enemy?
  • How do you italicize words in the subscript below an image? (For example: A Twilight Hound's description is "All hail Rangaruff!")

Here is the most popular "standard" for Enemies:

Image/Description Name Level HP (min-max) Special/Notes Drops

Here is a suggested standard format:

None as of yet

Other StandardsEdit

Let's not count our chickens before we hatch...

If this page isn't deleted and/or doesen't fall into oblivion, feel free to suggest some more.




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