Dark side

Ahh the Dark Side. The only place where cookies grow on trees. A magical place that smells like rotten slackninjas. A dark room with a big emo corner for emomancers. A big room for a game of dodgeball. A (not so) safe place where mathemagicians can practice their BOOMs! And a wonderful place for cheermongers to..I dunno..stay there and look sexy?

The list of members is listed here:

The link to the guild chat is:

Emergency chat (just in case chatzy is full):

The list of Dyslexia's raid equipment for exchange:

For more information please contact:

Kongregate: Ausrine -

Facebook: Roux -

Or just ask in the chat.

We have 10 available slots for sale. Only 0 fubars!


1.) ALWAYS share your cookies.

2.) Do not grab Dyslexic armor in the GV if it was not meant to be yours.

3.) You may take anything from the GV. Do NOT be greedy.

4.) Don't place in GV items that you don't want to lose.

5.) Inform your guild leader about the Dyslexic Armor you have received. Send it to the guild leader, if you don't need it.

6.) Be kind to others. Respect them.

7.) No racism.

8.) And never EVER eat all the cookies in the cookie jar.

What do cookies do? They give you 50 AP, heals you to full health and gives you a buff that increases your attack by 50%!

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